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Hi Altruists, I need to design an incremental sigma delta ADC (OSR=500) where I need to implement a CoI filter. From literature study i found that this CoI filter is actually same as CIC but without the comb part for CIC. I need to write a code in verilog (or verilog A) (...)
hi, I am designing low power adpative filter in xilinx 14.6.But ,i am not getting correct code for that. first for designing low power adaptive filter I should design low power or programmable fir,please help me.If you have (...)
Hi to every one, I need to design the bpsk demodulator, in that carrir recovery block, after band passs filter design i am having sine to square wave block(zero crossing detector) , how to design that, plz some one guide me, if some one have the reference code (...)
Hi, If u can get the book "Digital signal processing with field programmable gate arrays", I think there are a few examples of verilog code for FIR filter design. Thanks
Rakesh, hello folks......... the use of package in VHDL cannot be used in verilog... Systemverilog has this. so does anyone have idea or code of a simple ROM verilog thanks Not clear how does it tie to having/not having a package at the first place. A simple
I design a decimation filter(in verilog) for a 1-bit oversampled sigma-delta ADC. But I don't have any idea to verify it. Could anyone give me a hand? Thanks a lot!
Here is a way to test ur FIR filter... 1. Get VHDL or verilog code for FIR filter ready. 2. Generate data file for (sine+ noise) using C or any other scripting file. This you can do in C simply as follows.. for (i=0; i< MAX_DATA_POINTS; i++) { data = (...)
4 tap filter eqn for ur design is: y = (-1 * Tap0) + (3.75 * Tap1) + (3.75 * Tap2) + (-1 * Tap3) while Rearranging it looks like: y = + + - Tap3 + -Tap0; Now Correlate this with ur verilog code: y <= (tap
can u say any website having code in verilog for fft/ifft and adaptive filter pls help