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I've designed a biquad iir filter, and I would like to quantize the filter coefficients so that the difference equation can be used in a fixed-point FPGA code written in verilog. The filter input ranges between 0 and ((2^12) -1) fixed-point values. The difference equation is Direct Form I (...)
Free download pdf: verilog code for iir filter of first order
I would like to design a first order iir high filter with equeation y = x - x + a * y I wrote the following verilog code, but the result is not correct . Can any one tell me why? input wire signed Xn, output reg signed Yn, parameter a = 0.9; reg signed Xn-1; wire signed diff = Xn-Xn-1; a
I designed a first order iir filter in verilog with floating point coefficients.I am writing equivalent C code.What my doubt is is it possible to simulate both verilog and C code simultaneously with the test vectors defined in verilog test bench.I think there will be (...)
Hi, I need to implement 2nd order iir bandpass filter in FPGA using verilog code. 2nd order iir bandpass filter transfer function is H(z) = (0.13875 - 0.13875z-?)/(1 - 1.6614z-1 + 0.7225z-?) (Note:In above equation z-1, z-? are nothing but z power -1 , -2.) center frequency is (...)
Hi, I am not familiar with verilog code and now it is required for me to write a code for 2nd order iir bandpass filter. A 8-bit digital signal is an input to the 2nd order iir bandpass filter. I would really appreciate any kind of help. Thank you for your time.
Hi all, I have a problem. I am into designing an array of bandpass filters so that it forms a filter bank. I have designed the filter in matlab using fdatool and generated the hdl (verilog) code from's a 6'th order bpf with 3 biquads(iir Butterworth). pls do let me (...)