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what do you mean by debounced? sorry I'm a newbie when it comes to verilog Switch debouncing concept has nothing to do with RTL coding. It is a concept taught in most universities across the world in the digital systems design course. For a basic overview look here:
In Bangalore you can try with sion semi or cvc pvt ltd or chipedge tech or vector india for system verilog courses
I have ABSOLUTELY no background in verilog (or digital designs for that matter). Just for ease of simulations of larger analog systems, I thought it would be better to provide hex inputs instead of long chains of binary values. So I decided to write veriloga code that spectre can understand. I know veriloga is superset of (...)
Bi-direction signals are used as follows (this is well documented in books and online) inout bidi_port; reg bidi_output; reg bidi_dir; // 1 output, 0 input reg capture_bidi_input; assign bidi_port = bidi_dir ? bidi_output : 1'bz; always @ (posedge clk) begin // using bidi_port on RHS (reading the port) captu
I would also add CORDIC algorithm and look-up table (optionally with linear interpolation) to the candidate list. Of course it doesn't matter if you are using verilog or a different hardware description method.
But conversion from std_logic_vector to unsigned requires another conversion back to std_logic_vector to assign it to sigNassign. That is not what shaiko or I want. e.g in verilog, the better language (said while wearing my NoMex suit ;-)) I would simply do the following: parameter N = 12; wire sigN; wire sigN
Hi all, can I implement a wrapper which basically only assign all the inputs and outputs to 0 around my already synthesized block using verilog RTL code and synthesis that code into a wrapper around my already synthesized block?:thinker: Thank you, Cheers,
Hi Of course you cannot call modules in the always block in verilog, but if you plan to do pipelining using modules, then you can use ENABLE signal for your modules, so at certain conditions you can enable or disable the modules inside the always block. Hope this helps
Comprehensive training course on FPGA from beginners to Advanced Level have been offered in Karachi and in other cities of Pakistan. Three upcoming courses are; 1. FPGA Based Digital System Design using verilog HDL 2. Advanced FPGA Designing 3. DSP System Designing on FPGA using System Generator Tool Detailed (...)
I am a B.Tech graduate and I am interested to do course in front end as well as back end VLSI. Which institute should i prefer -- maven or rv ? Also, I want to have in depth knowledge of System verilog, so which institute provides it Maven or RV? Plz, tell me as i find these 2 institutes to bttr than rst of them
Taken from a Xilinx document. Most synthesis engines will infer RAM/ROM usage. You can, of course set the address and data widths to suit // // ROMs Using Block RAM Resources. // verilog code for a ROM with registered output (template 1) // // Download: // File: HDL_Coding_Techniques
hello I'm new in FPGA and for the digital course in this semester I need to write verilog code for a digital clock and calender and present the result with altera DE1 for the final. I wrote the code and it works properly. the clock is ok but for the calender I have problem with led. I want to show the month and day numbers with LEDR but the leds
i really need to know if is possible to multiply a clock frequency in verilog or maybe someone can explain me how to delay a clock signal with a quarter of a period
system verilog training in hyderabad Full time course on Verification Using Systemverilog - Hyderabad Venue: When: Batches starts on every Saturday at 11 AM Where: Hyderabad Cost: Rs. 10000 /- onwards (See below for details) Contact: training @, +91-8886714111, +91-40-66567676 What?s Systemverilog? (...)
Works just fine over here. Of course you did not specify the magic ingredient... What is the magic ingredient you ask? Well, in what blocks you are running your code snippet of course. So basically the tip is to please next time just paste the entire code. Because as it is I can grab your code and then make two pieces of sort of rea
Could you guy recommend the best book for the fields as below: a) Foundation of electrical and electronic engineering b) Electronic devices c) Analog electronic d) Digital electronic e) Microprocessor f) FPGA (verilog) Actually I already finished my 4 years of E&E degree course. But I feel I am not very strong in technical knowled
Add this to the run command line --vcdgz=ghdl.vcd.gz You might be interesting in "TK and VCD wave inspection..." at VHDL, verilog, design, verification, scripts, ...
If you need a model for simulation: "This page has links to some memory VHDL models, which I used for simulations..." VHDL, verilog, design, verification, scripts, ...
there are many tutorials on software programming languages like java and C++ but I'm lonely Learner with no guidance. are there any video tutorials for vhdl and verilog ?