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hi, i had designed three modules(using verilog) and make it together using a wraper. example module top() :::::::::::: ::::::::::: A uut(); B uut(); c uut(); endmodule after this, when i synthesis the top module , i need only MODULE A to get synthesized and not B and C. then next time only B not A and C is there any way
It's very unusual that different module instantiations have identical port maps and can be driven by the same test bench, in so far the problem will rarely occur in regular verilog projects. But if it's the case with your project, what's so awful with writing complete module instantiations and selecting one or the other, e.g. by `ifdef macros?
Hi all, Is it possible to define the `define under the `ifdef and `elsif in verilog for synthesis. When I did the same, it is simulating well, but when I synthesized the code its saying that the deines under teh `ifdef or `elsif are undeclared. example: `define X `define Y `define Z `ifdef X `de
verilog has macro `define as well as provides option to pass +define during compilation. When to use `define and when to use +define ? Is there any guideline available ?
The verilog standard macro processing is very limited. Depending on whom you ask, some will say that is for a good or bad reason. You can only `ifdef or `ifndef the existence of other macro defines, not test their values in more complex expressions. No concatenation of macros and identifiers (Systemverilog added this) There are no looping (...)
Hi All My top level design is in VHDL and my block modules are in verilog. I was trying to instantiate a verilog module in VHDL by writing VHDL wrapper for it by instantiating component form in top level module for the verilog block. 'define MEM_RST module memory ( clk, `ifdef MEM_RST (...)
I think these are simulation only. You can not synthesize it. Google this or see the verilog standard Thanks for correction. Please see other replies
Hello, I need to write a script which will transfer specific module/s in the verilog design from one place in the hierarchy into another. The problem occurs when I face design with ifdef and generate->case/if statements. I know this could be done, but this is a hard work, so I want to be sure that I won't reinvent the wheel. Maybe someone
Hi, I'm working on IP core project. so I need few configurable inputs and few user inputs. I'm using `ifdef and `endif mostly to have different designs and I know (as much as I can remember) those can be used for synthesis as well without any issue if `ifdef-`endif used correctly. However my issue is, Does SV or verilog have (...)
my code i have written is non-syntesizable there any wrong of it ? module mem32(clk, mem_read, mem_write, address, data_in, data_out); input clk, mem_read, mem_write; input address, data_in; output data_out; reg data_out; parameter BASE_ADDRESS = 25'd0; reg mem_array ; wire [
VHDL has no similar method to supply conditional parameters as with a verilog 'ifdef. The best solution depends on the respective purpose. Promising candidates are: - constant arrays and a generic constant as index - define all conditional parameters in a package and change the package to get a different variant Generally, I suggest to co
in my verilog code, i use "ifdef **" to define some module, but how can i make debussy find the correct module ?how to tell debussy the define infomation?
Parameter is a data type in verilog. It is used to declare constants which are not modified during runtime. Where as we can use defparam statement for updating the parameter. 'define is a macro that can be used to define any variable, function or exprassion under a name. U can use the macro for a given data in ur code with ' identifier [size=2
Any simulator has the optional of "+define+macro...". You can find the detail information of the vcs/ncverilog/ncsim/modelsim/... -help.
With 'make' you can use conditional compilation to only build the verilog files you want. So you can say: $ make n45tt and then have a rule in the makefile that's like n45tt: vlog n45tt.v Or something. Read the documentation on 'make'. I think it can do it.
Is it possible in Quartus to use an include file in verilog to specify FPGA pin assignments? Best would be to have some #ifdef surrounded them...(yeah..too much C programming ;o) The graphical way is a pain in the back...especially when finding out the device suddenly doesn't fit anymore (o;
Do verilog compilers (ModelS!m, Synpl!fy Pro, and XST) provide any predefined values that can be tested at compile-time (perhaps by using `ifdef statements) to determine which compiler is being used? C compilers usually provide a macro such as __MSVC__ or __GNUC__ that identifies the compiler, but I can't find anything like that in (...)
hi,anybody knows how to open the switch of macro defination in ise4.x/5.x series software,i use xst to synthesis the verilog code,because my codes have some ifdef...else ...endif,but ise seems like not to support this kind of defination?is it right?any solutions?thanks
hello, i'm using I/s/e5.1 to synthesize my verilog code. but every time there is an error message: "can't include constants.v". This is an verilog file, that should be included in the file top.v. constants.v is already added to the project. I really dont know, where the problem is. Please help. Thanks in advance.