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The IEEE 1800-2012 standard for Systemverilog is now freely available from the IEEE get program. This standard replaces the 1364 verilog Language reference Manual.
I have a C model of 128 bit AES (advanced encryption standard) I want to make this C model as a reference model that is i want to pass input to this C model and the verilog model and compare the output of the two models to see if they have the same value or not. The problem is that i dont know how to pass 128 bit values from (...)
I am trying to import verilog netlist in virtuoso composer schematic view so that we can interface analog part with the digital one. But I am facing some problems. 1. The reference library I am using consists of faraday standard cells of UMC 180 nm technology. The reference library has only symbols and no other views (...)
you probably : 1. you haven't prepared your starndard cell ref lib. 2. you didn't create a Cell. 3. you didn't bind verilog netlist to the Cell. 4. you didnt' create rows.
Have you selected an FPGA family yet? Years ago, I learned verilog mostly by reading examples in the Xilinx XST User Guide chapters "HDL Coding Techniques" and "verilog Language Support". I also used the IEEE 1364 standard as a language reference. For my FPGA design needs, that approach worked a lot better than reading (...)
there are some simulation tools such as modelsim, simvision, their manuals have some chapters to describe the usage of PLI. and the verilog ieee standard draft also has the description, you can reference it.
integer is a signed 32 bit number in verilog 2001 standard i guess.
$random, the verilog LRM or IEEE standard should be the best reference
Hi this is the latest verilog standard reference. regards Uploaded file: 1364_2001.pdf

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