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It is not needed in Systemverilog You can always make an assignment from an 2-state integral to 4-state integral types.
pls refer this may help also refer
Seems to be a complex task. Clock dividers are easy to code in vhdl/verilog. And should not be used to clock logic. If you are refering to xilinx DCMs, you have to instantiate them in your code. You cannot create them from vhdl because they contain all sorts of analogue logic.
Hi All, I am just stumbled with one of the process that i need to execute for my current assignment? I tried above method what is mentioned in question but didn't worked out. Can anyone provide me an easiest way out for following function: I have to write testcases in verilog for my vhdl based DUT.. This testcases should generate rand
In verilog you can use readmemh to read data from file. To store you should create a task that does it on simulation end. Some memory models (vhdl, verilog and VPI) can be seen at: "This page has links to some memory vhdl models, which I used for simulations...." vhdl, ve
Hello, how can I declare from verilog -->> to vhdl initial clk = 1'b0; always clk = #10 ~clk; Thanks. Added after 10 minutes: And these `define RESET_TIME 8 initial reset = 1'b1; task reset; begin reset <= #1 1'b1; tk_wait(`RESET_TIME); reset <= #1 1'b0; task tk_wait
Please help me in translation these from verilog to vhdl task dump_dmem; integer i; integer fdmem0; integer fdmem1; integer fdmem2; integer fdmem3; integer fdmem4; integer fdmem5; integer fdmem6; integer fdmem7; reg dmemw0; reg dmemw1; reg dmemw2; reg dmemw3; reg dmemw4; reg dmemw5; r
You'll have to design an ATA host controller in vhdl or verilog. Not an easy task.