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Since you are interviewing for a DV job, I would suggest brushing up on System verilog and have a rough understanding of the verification methodology (choose one of VMM/OVM/UVM). Don't memorize it, just understand TLM, BFM, and what sorts of abstraction these methodology is designed to provide. Terry
i am in IV year, ti is coming in my college, on what topic i should concentrate,please help me! my branch is e.c.e. Is it for VLSI? If so brush up verilog/VHDL. If you have any higher level verification experience like E/Systemverilog/PSL that will be a GREAT advantage. You may also consider our internship program at CV
New batch of "Advanced verification with System verilog" is starting on 24th Dec 2011. Get in touch with us at Home Hello every one iam hemaja mtech vlsi student searching for vlsi based job can any one suggest the openings or companies, sin
Hello, I am looking for Question bank (along with answers) of FPGA. This is required for answering job interview questions. Pls help me. If any has such document for FPGA/ASIC/CPLD/VHDL/verilog/verification, Please let me know the link to download or mail me to Thanks, Vishwa

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