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hi, vero board is also known as copper strip board, ie: the hole pads on Rows are linked by the copper strip. Dot boards are only copper pads, which are not linked by copper track. You can cut vero board, use a junior hacksaw and cut along the holes, after cutting, file off any copper (...)
Not sure if in the right section but... I recently made the jump from perf (vero) board and decided to etch my own boards via toner transfer and using murialtic acid and hydrogen peroxide and lets say that the first board I made came out great! But then I go to etch another board and instead of etching (...)
hi... i have made voltage stabilizer and circuit is successfully tested on vero board many times... but when i try the same circuit on pcb it started giving abnormal behavior... sometimes it works fine and sometime not ok.. even if i plucked pic off and then again put it on socket it stops working accordingly... can sumbody help me out.. thanks
Why waste time hacking breadboard loose contacts or dot (vero) board soldering when you can use modules with pre-crimped jumper wires to connect them! Use time saved to focus on getting your prototype working. for more info.
hi samuel, Before you design the PCB does your desing work from your schematic ? Have you built a proto-type from it, If not I would recomend that you build it first either on vero board or bred board and get working project then you can design your PCB for it. I know some one who made the same mistake desgined the PCB had 10 (...)
Hii, i m working on PIC16F877A. i made a small ckt on vero board for LED blnk testing but the problem is that "it works when i put my finger at the crystal oscillator(4MHz)". i used CCS C Compiler as well as if tried for mikroC compiler. But problem is still the same. i have also tried with two Caps 22pF each with the crystal. i have also chan
I have seen such a problem but i found my 7805 malfunctioning jit is right use more ampere power supply are u using vero board? there might be some leakage.
You can solder wraping wire to the pins which are being used and solder these in the vero board. No general purpose board (for SMD) exits, as far as I know.
Why is it necessary to use pads for IC's when mounting them on vero board ? I have heard they get short circuited. Is that really the reason? If so why do they get short circuited ? Thanx in advance
I am currently doing a small project that involves creating a small audio amplifier circuit that will amplify speech output on a phone. I have made up a circuit on a breadboard (vero board) using an LM386 audio power amplifier using the first conifguration example from the datasheet. I have connected an 8ohm 0.1W speaker. The problem im (...)
Merry Xmas guys I need to draw a electronic schematic and convert my circuit into vero-board automatically in my computer so does anyone know any software can do this stuff? kind regards Maverick Max :P
Hi Does anyone know anything about buying cheap electronic components such as AT89C51, resistors, capacitors, LEDs, vero-board, IC chips, soild wire in China or Hong Kong? Kind regards Maverickmax
Mr Cool , Forget about the software its sounds like a hardware issue. I had exactley the same problem when I first started using PICs ! The Crystal needs 2 capacitors tied to ground to work correctly. I normally use 30pF but 27pF will do . The problem I had was due to me using strip board (or vero board)! This stuff has terrible stray (...)