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Guys, Can I interface OV7670 module with avr microcontroller directly ? This is the module
There are some projects that use an 8-bit MCU like the ATmega to control an ISA graphics card like this: Now could the same be done using a PCI graphics card by completely violating any offical standard? The memory and video generation is available on the board. One only needs a way to enter configure and ent
Here is an RGB solution But not a very useful or practical one.
Hi guys, I'm planning to design a controller using PIC mcu to control a vga display. Could you guys recommend me the mcu? ---------- Post added at 12:08 ---------- Previous post was at 12:01 ---------- Is it that we just need 5 pins of signal (Red, Green, Blue, H-SYNC, V-SYNC) from mcu to drive the vga d
It is a household thermometer connected to the plasma TV (with a PC-vga input). The system monitors the temperature in the living room, garage and outside on both sides of the house. LCD monitor used in this project
Hi, I want to interface a vga port of a computer's monitor with my atmega32.I read a few things about it as well.I know that that the input to the rgb pins are analog,but how much?Is the horizontal and vertical clock provided by the monitor?I would be happy if i get a few dots on the there any initialization that has to be done to the
This device presents time and date on a vga monitor (without a PC). What was used: avr Atmega16 and Philips RTC PCF8583 The circuit is very easy and consists of elements: power supply 5V - LM7805
hi all , i had found a very helpful thing for pple who used to maiantain CRT monitors This project was born for repairing broken PC monitors. This allows to avoid using a computer while testing monitor patterns. The Tiny monitor tester uses ATTiny2313 avr MCU running at 20MHz speed. Such speed allows running synchro H and V signals directly f
I think the following can help you: avr 2006 DESIGN CONTEST GRand PRIZE: WITNESSCAM The WITNESSCAM is a self-recording surveillance camera that?s perfect for the home or office. The innovative, ATmega32-based system features a vga CMOS color camera, a passive-infrared (PIR) movement sensor, and a 1-GB SD card. The (...)