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I'm working on something related to this. I have a number of different solutions that work better in different scenarios. To help you best we can look at your project two different ways, each having a different set of initial questions and each leading to different discussions. A. Doing it the way you're doing it. Question 1: What device is
difficult to say without having more details provided. vga is an analog IF with RGB +Hsync +Vsync. LCD panels work on a digital base with TCON ICs. They have digital IF, eg RGB888, RSDS, oLDI etc. So somewhere in betrween there has to be a ADC converter unit involved, which does the sampling & convertion to digital world. The sampling clock has
Hi, I have a Display Port (DP++) output and want to convert it to vga. Does anyone has a suggestions for a converter (IC) that can be used on a board that is under development yet? Temperature requirement is at least -40?C up to +85?C. Thanks, Bert
Short Answer : You Need a vga-LCD converter. Long Answer : Few years back (around 5 years) I was thinking in the same direction as i have 2 unused unserviceable laptops. On Googleing I found few solutions but they are either expensive or impossible for me. So try a search and find out. Though it is possible but in my view it is not feasible.
Hello all, I bought a raspberry pi B+ board , I have a monitor with vga interface and no HDMI port. How can I connect the raspberry pi with the monitor. I googled it and I found some hdmi to vga converter , is that the only option ? and what all are the point I need to keep in mind before ordering the converter. (...)
Yes,it's possible. buy usb parallel converter and if your pc has a parallel port it will be much easier baud rate will not be a problem if you have in your design a hold bit control .just tell me if you have a parallel port or not if not check at any computer store if they have a usb multi connection(parallel serial vga) if not all of these then b
You'll need a vga controller, and probably a standards conversion block - which will required external memory.
Hi, If you search this forum you will find many pages for a simple diy pickit2 clone, many with pcb designs. You need to program a chip for the Pk2 and again there are many crude programmers detailed, however have not seen one to work from a vga port ? Perhaps you might be able to use a cheap usb to serial converter cable to make a jdm programmer
i'm designing an IR receiver recently, as my former post shows, it includes a bandpass filter with center frequency f0=20khz, 26khz and 38khz. in front end, i use a reverse-biasd photodiode series with a resistor to be the I-V converter,and a HPF (a capacitor with a resistor)follows, then entering the input of vga (vga: vth=0). now, my (...)
There is only one pin for each color (red, green blue) in a vga connector. These signals are not digital. Somewhere between the FPGA and the connector the digital signals must be converted to analog by a D/A converter. In the Nexys 3 board, this is done by a few resistors for each color. Doing a 2-3 bit D/A-converter this way is easy. An (...)
Hello ,i have to make a project for my license where i have to take the output signal of a PC from the vga connector and convert it so it can be applied to the imput of a tv on the following connectors: euroscart,s-video,rca , composite video or any imput that a TV can have.I need some help finding some schematics that can do more then one conversi
Hi. It looks like we are alone with this kind of a problem. I have a 40" samsung TV panel. A good start would be to check the pinout of your panel. Mine has a classic 51pin LVDS connector on T_CON board. I was looking at china made dvi/vga to lvds converter boards but most it seams are only supporting 4 differential pairs for odd/even part of
Hi! I'm getting interference on my tv whenever I have my laptop plugged into the same outlet. I can't move the laptop since it feeds into the tv thru a vga to composite video converter. my tv system is all coax and composite connections (I have -gasp- 3 vcrs - I live remote enough that my county actually still has analog over air tv signals). an
This is a vga to video adapter for the TV. I have found simple video-to-oscilloscope and vga-to-oscilloscope adapters on the net that use 555 chips and perform quite satisfactorily. But what I need is the opposite, an XY-signal to video simple circuit. The analyzer outputs an XY signal so this needs to be converted to video before sending to the T
Hello all, My laptop doesn't have an "S-Video" output port, just the vga port. So, I was wondering if it possible to connect this vga port to a TV using vga to RCA converter. During my research, I found the this converter on Amazon: vga Adapter to
In WLAN transmitter power control should be applied. So vga is needed in the transmitter chain. Someone uses IFvga before the up-converter and someone uses RFvga after the up-converter and the others use both. My question is what's the difference between using IFvga and (...)
Isthis data or an image, because if it is image, then you just need a simple vga contrller that you can find on OpenCores, otherwise, you need to implement some kind of data to hex to gif converter or use another type of driver for the display, Check this out you may find it
Pls can anyone help me with AV(RGB) to vga converter schematics that is compactible with modern pc monitors.
There are multiple solution for that purpose here is a link to one of them It come with a schematic however its using an obsolete part for the design.
hello everyone i want to do a vga in uwb system, and in many thesis it should contain a dc offset cancellation cell. In most thesis ,it contain OTA+LPF+(V-I converter) and inserted between the output of the whole vga and the output of the first vga cell it's just a sketch map, and i am not clear how the V-I (...)