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You understand the design requirement... You understand you need a uart block, a vga block However you are fuzzy about the processing block. need to store and array(or block ram) the pixels . Storage is one aspect. You need to process the stored data. Comparison is another aspect. You need to collect data i
Hello, I have a Toshiba satellite U405D, the backlight of LCD screen does not work. Inverter works, I checked it. vga output also works if I connect an external display. I have found out that LCD inverter doesn't get "display on" and "pwm" signals at all. I also checked the cable, it is also healthy. I have found schematic of mainboard (...)
In the spec above, look at the 3rd feature of this IP: "Parameterizable TFT interface for 18-bit vga or 24-bit DVI" I think it is the only one provided by Xilinx.
Thank you greygoo, i have another doubt regarding to IP cores.. is there any IP's in Xilinx for vga interface with FPGA for an rgb image.?? if not can you help me with any RTL block diagram or verilog code for vga interface.?? please help me out.....
Short Answer : You Need a vga-LCD converter. Long Answer : Few years back (around 5 years) I was thinking in the same direction as i have 2 unused unserviceable laptops. On Googleing I found few solutions but they are either expensive or impossible for me. So try a search and find out. Though it is possible but in my view it is not feasible.
vga is still an analogue format. If you're going analogue cable into a tuner and coming out vga, you still have an analogue signal going into the cctv router. That is fine, just keep in mind at some point you will need to convert to a compressed digital video format of some type, as mentioned by udayan above. Have you (...)
dear sir...i am doing a project pong game design using vertex5 fpga..i am done with coding but i am unable to understand on how to out the signals from board to monitor..i am unable to find any vga out port on the board and i am unable to know what pins i should use in the ucf file for the design..please answer me,i have added a constrait (...)
92465 1GHz SAMSUANG S5PV210 Integrated 2D/3D engine VIDEO CODEC for H.263, H.264, MPEG-1/2/4 (1080p full HD) 512MB DDR2, 4GB iNAND or 256MB NAND Flash HDMI (1080p full HD), vga (1280x1024@75Hz), LVDS Interface stereo line-out, 2W stereo power amplifier 100M Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, CAN
Hi, I am look out for Linux based board like Raspbbery Pi. I used RP but it doesn't have vga out put, SATA port and 1GHz processor. Is there any linux based board available with following specs. 1GHz Processor. 1GB RAM vga output. SATA Connector. USB Port X 2 or more. etc. Please suggest me (...)
I need help regarding PC motherboard vga out tester with smallest LCD screen i need it to test vga signals out from pc any idea ?? can use 7 segment display or smart phone lcd screen or any other thing like lcd monitor but not the monitor .. pls help me any idea ?? - - - Updated - - - i don't want /like to use motherboard
Hi everyone, I am new using FPGAs, I am currently using an ED2 board From Terasic/Altera. I Have made two modules in VHDL, an vga controller to generate the sync signal and address, and a SRAM Controller. I have a image raw data in gray scale, sequentially stored in SRAM, When I try to display that image on a LCD monitor, the imag
Hi, Today I got a working vga camera module from an old nokia 6600 mobile phone. It consist of 14 pins and could be easily soldered out... So if possible I would like to interface it with any mcu... Any one tried some thing like this? If any one seen any documentation any where on net, pls share it here... :-)
Hi, Are you looking for this type of chip... Like AD9882 which will give vga output means RGB data out with Hsyc, Vsync and Blank_EN etc... If you cant find the solution, can you please describe more about your need... ? means what is the scenario that you are faci
hi everybody !! im from vietnam . this web is very useful ..;) ..... the project is "draw lines, circles, squares on FPGA by mouse and display on vga " .I have to completed within a month.. ... plesea help me , all friend in the world ! What is the algorithm ??? thanks you so much ! p/s: my english is not good . hope everyone will u
Hi all! I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo to repair, but i don't know what is wrong with it. It just keeps reseting, even when i pull out the ram, wlan, modem and the cpu. It has an external vga so i tried to pull her out too, now the laptop is also in a reset loop, but now with the white
So i purchased a vga cable similar to this one Wii/PS3 vga HDTV AV Cable: Video Games and im pretty disappointed. The colors are washed out and the whites are blown out. I was expecting a good picture not perfect but ok for the price. So i stated thinking, maybe i can make it b
Dear All, I am doing one project in which i have to take video from 3 camera from different angles and then display them on vga. The problem is that i am only familiar with Altera DE2 Board which have only one Video in and out port and i have to use 3 cameras for this purpose. So please can any one tell me which board should i use for this purpo
I have a graphics card GeForce 7200 GS 256MB Onboard DDR2 PCIe x16 and I will like to buy a TV to use with my system as my current 17" CRT Monitor is bad. The card has three outputs, S-Video, DVI and vga and I don't know which output to use out of the three. I'm planning to by a 30" LCD TV but I don't know if things will (...)
If the laptop is booting up, it might just be the screen. Does it have a vga plug? IF so, try plugging in a monitor. If that works the laptop is good, you just need to find out what is wrong whether the monitor has a wire ripped out or it is broken. If it is broken,the laptop is not worth fixing unless you get a used one for parts. (...)

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