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You know google usually works pretty good when searching for a simple query like this "bcd counter vhdl code"...the first returned link is: it uses t
hi I need how design code vhdl for bcd adder 4 digit(16 bit) ?
Hey Barry; I thought you could interpret it should be in vhdl... As I have posted it under FPGA thread..... As by far people program it in vhdl... well its FPGA... No he really couldn't. Because I thought it was totally obvious it would be in verilog. And it would be purely simulated (no hardware target) in Ques
Hi, Define your input and output seperately, thenn define a new variable using inputs by concatenation (the operator &) here is one
hi all i need vhdl code for 0-99 bcd counter 7-seg display code Changed by pressing the Button tanx
I am trying to write the vhdl code for a Timing Genarator Chip : in the vhdl code i have to incorporate a code for the 16 Bit bcd(Binary Coded Decimal) Counter i.e. 4 Decades , i tried a lot but unable to figure it out how to get it working... as the 16 bit bcd counter can count from 0 to 9999 ,for the first 9 clock pulses (...)
hi all,,,,,,,,i made a 640x480 VGA controller in vhdl using Spartan-3. AND, i could display characters too. now, i'm trying to display a digital clock on screen. i tried to make bcd counter and address variables to the characters , but it didn't work. the question is, how i can combine the vga controller code and clock together , and addres
Hi I have a vhdl code counter that counts in binary from 6 to 88 then it rolls over to count down from 88 to 6. Now i want to do the same counter but instead of counting in binary i need it to count in bcd. can i show the count values in quartus in bcd? if not please any help how can i do that? thank u in advance.
vhdl coding tips and tricks: vhdl code for bcd to 7-segment display converter Lab 4 - bcd to Seven-Segment Decoder refer this show your code...
How do i display the values 0 to 9 on the 7-segment display and whenever the count is 1, 3 or 5, a Led will turn on. using vhdl NEED HELP!! i was able to display the values 0to9 on the 7 segment display. But the important part is when the count is 1, 3 or 5, the led has to light up. What is need is: the code to light up led
Can any one please post the code for binary to bcd conversion in vhdl?????? need it urgently!!!
Hello - I am somewhat new to vhdl, but I have some past experience with discrete digital design. I would like to take a bcd number that is in the std_logic_vector format and convert it into ieee single float format in order to use the number as an input to the Xilinx Floating Point IP Core. I am starting in bcd because it was (...)
Hi, I need to implement a simple vhdl frequency counter for a school project. Must be 4 multiplexed digits. (the FPGA as few macrocells). I know how to implement the counter and the bcd to seven segment. is the multiplexing and puting things togheter that i need help. Can anyone point me to an example? Must be very simple. Thank you in
Hello to all, I?m newbie in vhdl programming on FPGA. I need help from all of you out there. Right now I try to write a code for 2-digit bcd down Counter, LCD display message and synchronization between both of them. For 2-digit bcd down counter, here?s my code library IEEE; use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all; use IEEE.std_logic_arith.all;
you can use vhdl simili from symphony eda. search for it in google. Kr, Avi
hi, is there someone who knows where to find or who has some verilog/vhdl implementations of a (iterative) bcd multiplier ? thanks, avt
Here is verilog code for 16 bit bcd up counter translate this to vhdl! Hope this helps! module bcd_count ( // Outputs count, // Inputs clk, reset_n ); input clk, reset_n; output count; reg count; always @(posedge clk or negedge reset_n) begin if (!reset_n) begin count <=
ill be coding it on vhdl, can you help me find the specificatoin of it??
Do you mean 16-bit bcd adder??? If yes see the link below... Its in verilog you can convert it into vhdl ..
Hi there, please advice on how is the most effective way to change 8-bits binary no. to bcd by using vhdl. thank you.