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Hello.I have a time-based analog to digital converter.This converter consist of 3 parts.voltage to time(VTC) and time to digital(TDC) and digital to binary(T2B).Now I want to measure conversion time of this converter.also I simulate VTC in Hspice and I simulate TDC and T2B in vhdl code.Now how to to measure conversion time of this converter?
I need vhdl code for a to d converter ic ads1271, for my project, istudied data sheet of ads1271, but i fail understood operational process
Hello. I'm a beginner in vhdl and want to interface adc(ADS7800) with FPGA virtex-5 can anyone help me in this.? regards.
Hi, I need vhdl code for interfacing on board 8 bit (0808) adc-DAC to FPGA SPARTAN 2 pl. help me
Yes the problem in using library numeric and unsigned. u removed numeric and use only unsigned library. and your code having a real function. so ur having a another problem in real. real function cannot be synthesize in ISE. at that same time real synthesized inside of function in vhdl package declaration.
hello, i need a vhdl code for fifo memory to store binary values from a high speed 8 bit resolution adc. can help me give the code and the ucf file for implementing it on spartan 6 sp605( fpga kit).?? thank you you can automatically generate it with xilinx core generator (coregen) you (...)
hello, can any one suggest me with a simplified vhdl code for interfacing spartan 6(sp605) with an ic adc 0804? adc 0804 data sheet. spa605 thank you.
Hey All! I need to write vhdl code for ADS8558. Its a 16-, 14-, 12-Bit, Six-Channel, Simultaneous Sampling ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL so far I am unable to figure out how should I do it. I have Xilinix ISE 10.1 and the board I am using is Virtex2PRo.
I am doing project on BPSK Modulation and demodulation implementation on FPGA Spartan 3E. if you help us it will grateful, we need vhdl code adc/DAC interface with Spartan 3E. Regards & thanks Abhinav
I have found this code on search.
i am in need of simple adc code in vhdl with analog input at port grater the bit better it will be can anybody help me ?
Please help me regarding vhdl code to interface adc0804( the 8-bit adc) to FPGA . please send the vhdl code as early as possible. I am waiting for ur reply. pls its urgent. with regards Nagaraj
Hi, I need vhdl code for interfacing on board 8 bit adc-DAC to FPGA SPARTAN 2 pl. help me
I cannot get the following code to produce the correct results of a subtraction and I'm not sure what is wrong with it. Current is an input from an adc that is in two's complement form. The clk is the same for both the adc so that I should be clocking in a new sample at the same rate of the (...)
hi guys in one part of my project i'm dealing with high speed adc ( ADS1274 from ti) . i need to vhdl spi driver for that, any suggestion? the datasheet is here : i know that the spi drivers depends on functionality and properties of relevant device, i'm wondering if u have any suggest
can someone pls provide me with the vhdl code to interface adc0804 (8 bit parallel adc) with Cyclone II DE1 FPGA? this is urgent pls:cry:
could anyone help me with the code of interfacing the adc in spartan 3a kit. vhdl will be better. any other info will also be helpful thanks 4 ur replies
The problem is very unclear. You don't say, where the adc input clock comes from, why you intend to use the 27 MHz FPGA clock and on which adc signal you wan to synchronize. I guess, the problem is reading the adc serial data, it has to be performed at 8 MHz bit clock. for writing (...)
hi, i want to interface adc with a cpld ,how can i do the same
Hi, i am a beginner in designing using vhdl. I need to construct interconnection between adc(ADS7861 from Texas) and FPGA DE2 board. I have been told to use a SPI --- a serial to parallel SPi interface between adc and FPGA. I have constructed the vhdl code for master(FPGA) and slave (...)