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how to do matrix multiplication using vhdl if the entries in the matrix are complex numbers (a+jb) ? is there is any synthesizable package for complex matrices or any different procedure to be followed for that..?
In the interest of progress: code for that is probably not going to happen. Best you google "brent kung adder vhdl" and "kogge stone adder vhdl" as starting point. Good luck!
Plz can any one send me vhdl code for the following 16-bit adders:- Carry Select Adder Carry Save Adder Carry Skip Adder if not code then atleast show how to do it by component modelling i.e. component diagram so that I can just club all the component codes and write on my own.
Dear expers, I'm new to vhdl and would need advice for a loop. Would it be possible to use a signal instead of the variable z in the following code? Will it be a problem to use z in a way like in the code because of the read and then write access. I've heard about possible oscillation or things like that. Here's the (...)
I have written the code of FFT in vhdl which includes complex calculation...and finally it is becoming non-synthesizable.From some pdf i came to know about cordic through which may be this problem get solved...after knowing about cordic everywhere it is given about rec to polar conv,sine and cosine functions but not the complex part calculations...
Hello. I am a new to vhdl and as a part of my tranning i need to multiplay 2 numbers can u help me and tell my what i doing wrong? LIBRARY IEEE; USE IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; use ieee.numeric_std.all; ENTITY MUL IS PORT( a,b: IN unsigned (3 downto 0); y : OUT unsigned (7 downto 0)); END MUL ; ARCHITECTURE Behavioral OF
Hi shiny20, Do you happen to have Verilog code for these conditional sum adders, Brent Kung, and Kogge Stone adders? I would really appreciate if you can give me the vhdl code. I will try to use them to write in Verilog.
sm1 plz help me out in the implementation of it ---------- Post added at 12:14 ---------- Previous post was at 12:13 ---------- Either vhdl or verilog.....................
I want a full adder programming code in vhdl.How can I get software for vhdl programming.How can i get licence for it. Any HELP plz!!!
hello everyone, I took the Digital Electronics course this semester, and my teacher gave me the project in vhdl : 8-bit CLA adder 8-bit CLA adder with 2 x 4-bit CLA adders 16-bit CLA adder 16-bit CLA adder rith 2 x 8-bit CLA adders Since Im new to this area, IM TOTALLY CONFUSED ABOUT GENERATE - PROPAGATE etc..... However, i (...)
Use vhdl's "+" operator.
Hello friends.. can you tell me something about designing a up down counter using only half adders (and flip flops) say for 4 bit ? vhdl code would also do ...or a logic diagram or a link....? thanks....
Hello, I have to do a school project on adder circuits. Using any adder type I wish, I have to design two different 128 bit adders. I have to develop the vhdl code at the structural level, synthesize it, and analyze the merit of each design and to compare and comment on results. Optional: signed numbers and pipelining of the design (...)