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Hi guys I have written a C code for a micro controller and now I want to convert it to vhdl or verilog. I am familiar with verilog and vhdl. Seems to me you might be familiar with the language features, the syntax, etc. What you seem to be missing is the understanding of digital hardware design. Can you dr
all the IOs are at 3.3V regardless of what the vhdl code says Just tells you that the device stays unconfigured. Check the spi slave configuration process description in iCE40 Programming and Configuration document and determine at which point it is failing.
You may like to check existing spi code ( in verilog or vhdl as the case may be) and see how you can use it to interface with the RF nodule. spi interface comes under sequential circuits and a combinational only device will not work.
hI i WANT to obtain an analog ramp voltage from 0 to 3 V by using a FPGA Board and a DAC(offboard). the period of ramp voltage should be 100ms and this should be done by a 14 BIT DAC operating with 5Mhz clock . aNY SUGGESTIONS or vhdl code available would be very helpful for me thanks
Currently it looks like you didn't write either piece of code and are primarily having a problem using them. Lookie here:
Here is the package. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- This file is part of the TNR-HFR FPGA project vhdl library. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Description : package of common public definitions. ----------------------------------------------
I need vhdl code for a to d converter ic ads1271, for my project, istudied data sheet of ads1271, but i fail understood operational process
I am using spi clk to clock-in data. The spi Master toggles data on rising edge and sample data on falling edge. From the slave side, I am sampling data on rising edge and loading data on the rising edge. The spi clock is a slightly delayed version of the external spi clk due to synchronizer. The data coming in is 16bits, (...)
Hi to all. any body can help me for programming synthesizer si4136 with vhdl code? I need for my final project.
Hi I am new user of this site & I want vhdl cod for serial communication,so plz send me that.
the code you posted is not valid vhdl, so you either copied it wrong or did not compile it.
hi :smile: i have been working on vhdl code for my spi controller. consisting of a master and slave for data transfer. this is my code ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- library IEEE; use (...)
Tricky referred to the process starting at line 15 the part where count is checked for a value of 10 should be in the rising_edge part of the process so something like: process (clk, reset) variable count natural range 0 to 10 := 0; begin if reset = '1' then temp <= 0; elsif rising_edge(clk) if count = 1
when does the data toggle w.r.t. the spi clk? Do you know what spi mode you are using? Have you simulated the vhdl code? Do you master the use of variables in vhdl as they behave different than signals ... usually a process is set up differently, but you will have your reasons to use this style (...)
How about reading a vhdl tutorial? or a good vhdl textbook. Ashenden's book is supposed to be good:
Hi, Any one did interface onboard flash memory of Digilent Atlys board ? Please share vhdl /Verilog code for reading data from onboard spi flash memory of Digilent Atlys board. In which mode the flash is configured ? like, Quad output fast read, Quad input/output fast read, Quad command fast read, etc...... Please help me. I (...)
Hi all, I have been able to initialize and write to an SD card in spi mode, but when I am trying to use the same vhdl code to write to a 32 GB SDHC card it doesn't work. My initialization is as follows: 1) CMD0 , CS = 0 2) CMD55 3) CMD41 then I start reading or writing. What is different when it is an SDHC card. Also in (...)
I am doing project on BPSK Modulation and demodulation implementation on FPGA Spartan 3E. if you help us it will grateful, we need vhdl code ADC/DAC interface with Spartan 3E. Regards & thanks Abhinav
Hi, guys this problem nearly drive me crazy.... the FPGA works as a spi-slave, and a MCU works as master. spi speed is 500KHz. The communication was set up but only 60% message was received correct in master side. The data on MISO is not stable, sometimes lost several bits......the codes are; TP276 <= sigspiRx; (...)
Do you need a vhdl code for implementation on a FPGA?