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Hi, I am using AXI GPIO IP core in combination with microblaze that write/read correct data from/to vhdl top entity. I wan to read data in microblaze from HDL top entity and do some command operation in microblaze. But the problem is whatever I r
I want to implement Radix-2 Single-path Delay Feedback (SDF) Decimation-In-Frequency FFT with Pipelining in vhdl and I am trying to understand the below architecture as described in this MIT OpenCo
i m using MAX3223 to interface FPGA & DB9 connector. Now i need to write the vhdl code for MAX3223 & FPGA interface. I dont know which pin in MAX3223 tells when to transmit & receive?... So plz help me in this regard so that it will be easy for me to write the code..
Hello Everyone, am attaching what exactly is given to me I would really appreciate any help thank you everyone your my last hope for this :grin:112314
Hello, I would like to understand this process and what are the values of a,b,c and d steps by steps ? ----------------------------- if clk'event and clk ='1' then a <= b; b <= c; c <= d; end if; ----------------------------- Imagine, we choose a=1, b=2, c=3, d=10. Thank you !
Just read about muller c-elements approach and i hope that link will clear all questions
Take a look at
i want to know about file handling basic(write , read )..... so pls give simple program to understand file handling.........
Hello everyone, Is there a way to create a simulation output file in vhdl? I'm using Modelsim. So far I've only found something about a TEXTIO package, but I'm not quite sure on how to integrate this into my testbench code (Google didn't help enough this time :-| ) Any advice would be valuable. Thank you!
Can anyone please tell me how to compile vhdl (DUT files) and SV files in UVM environment in VCS?
hi, i need the implementation of LZ77/78 algorithm on FPGA with vhdl Language. thanks,
hello, can any one suggest me with a simplified vhdl code for interfacing spartan 6(sp605) with an ic adc 0804? adc 0804 data sheet. spa605 thank you. all you
I was going to try and explain! then realised wikki could do it better: and these may be useful if you havn't already got them: Normally data sheets use 10-90%, but IBIS uses 20-80%, why I cant remember
I am wondering if this is possible and thus posting this question here. Is it possible to write a vhdl block that generates DVI signals and than drive a DVI connection to a display directly from the FPGA? Has anyone done this? Where can I find information on how DVI can be implemented in FPGA using vhdl?
file>new project> give pgm name and location>next>select prefer language as vhdl>finish now right click on the name that appears on the top left>create new source>select vhdl module>give input and output port>finish now u can write the code
Hi, I found this pdf which shows the algorithm for the square root, but I couldn't understand it properly. Can any one help? I want to write a vhdl code for it. Shifting part in it is
hi how to synthesis a vhdl code which has hierarchy with cadence rtl compiler , can any one provide me with a sample tcl file thanks in advance
I haven't used the Altera one as such. It was a filter generated using matlab's vhdl coder that caused a problem and was un-synthesisable. You'd better ask someone else about this. I have a much much older version of matlab. I doubt its supported anymore.
Thanks permute. I'd appreciate very much if you post a vhdl process for generating the flag for the asynchronous FIFO you proposed. This will make the explanation much clearer! Thanks
Hello !! I would like to be able to "draw" from the vhdl code, the schematics (Flip-Flop Combinatorial Logic, inputs/outputs ...). Does someone has an example with 2-3 FF and some logic ? I already got ModelSim, so I have some vhdl code and testbench, but the "synthesis" step is not very familiar to me. I am trying to get Xilinx Suite to make