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Hello, Did anyone try before to simulate vhdl component in proteus simulator? if yes which one. thanks.
hey i am a 3rd year (6th sem. ) ECE student of NIT SILCHAR. I am looking for a project based internship in FPGA based systems or EMBEDDED SYSTEMS. I have deep knowledge of microprocessors & microcontrollers, digital design , vhdl and various design and simulations tools like xilinx ISE , proteus etc. my vacations start from 1st may to 30th june.
please Can I build vhdl source program and simulate in proteus ? Thanks
Hello. Is there any program like proteus but for vhdl/Verilog/FPGA tools? For example, I have made a vhdl code to drive a text LCD, it would be nice to be able to test it with some program like proteus and see it's functionality. Thank you very much. Oh, I am sorry, I forgot, this is the link for (...)
Modelsim can do that! vhdl can support TCL scripts. You can creat a CPU module using vhdl, and type TCL command in modelsim.