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This might be a typical university exercise. I remember in our 1st year our professor had given us the assignment to develop a vhdl model of a sigma-delta converter. It was required just to work in simulation, no synthesis. I don't remember anything further after so many years. ;-)
Hi, I want to know that is it possible to convert verilog or vhdl to other processor's assembly code(such as Intel) ?? is there any special converter?? tnx
Sir, I am using spartan 3e kit. I have rs485 voltage converter ic for communication between fpga and pc. Sir, can you give me the vhdl code for UART (rs485 protocol) or how can write vhdl program for it ? Please sir give me the idea for the problem mentioned above. Regards, Akshay B. Patil
I think Xilinx used to have a verilog->vhdl converter. check their website.
If your purpose is just generating vhdl code, MATLAB HDL Coder is suitable. However, it generates lots of files, and most of time result is not suitable for FPGA bitstream generation. SystemGenerator is nice tool, it allows you to design your system with IPCores like designing in Simulink. If you knew IP CoreGen, SystemGenerator allows you to conne
Hi every one, i need a softeare or tool to convert vhdl codes to verilog, pls help me if u can
Hello all, I am in urgent need of a test bench. I have the verilog version of it. It would be of great help if anyone converts it into vhdl. /*************************************************************************************** * TESTBENCH FOR SPI TO I2C * January 2007 *************************************************************
i am in need of simple ADC code in vhdl with analog input at port grater the bit better it will be can anybody help me ?
Does anyone know of a free verilog to vhdl converter for Windows?
Here is a free verilog2vhdl conversion tool which works for all the platform. You can download it from - You can contact for details about this tool.
generic map ( MWIDTH => 2*DINWIDTH, MDEPTH => MDEPTH,) port map ( data => din, wren => mem) how to convert this vhdl code to verilog? 8-O
Hi Friends, I am having vhdl/verilog code, I got one converter from HDL to systemC, It is generating me systemC code without dependent of tool library, Please tell me how I can generte systemc -> C++ (Independent of tool library). I found few tools which are converting this but these are using tool library which I don't want. My (...)
Hi Guys, I need to convert this vhdl code into the verilog. I tried it with the online free converter software, the end result still have errors, can please advice over here? vhdl CODE as followed library IEEE; use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all; use IEEE.std_logic_arith.all; -----------------------------ENTITY (...)
hi u can make 8051 micro controlar. its vhdl code is present in the following site: then u can use vhdl to verlog converter. hope this will be use full>.................
Hi, There is software XHDL which converts vhdl to verilog and verilog to vhdl, its licensed but can get evaluation license for 15 days. Thanks and Regards satyakumar
Hello friends I need a software which will convert vhdl to verilog code. Please help Thanks a lot
Hi, Can anybody plz help me to get a tool to convert verilog to vhdl? Plz its urgent Thanks in advance
Hi, We can also convert and generate a file, we need to select the options like view,file,both this is present top right of the tool window. you can get evalution license for 14 days from xtekcorp, which will convert full length of vhdl code to verilog or verilog to vhdl code.
The is a converter called XHDL which converts verilog to vhdl as well vhdl to verilog................... I think you can get the demo version from the XHDL website itself............. (the disadvantage of demo version is that there are some restrictions o
By considering the avaliablity of mixed-HDL tools why we need to convert HDL codes from one format to another?As an example - if you use only vhdl it is rather difficult to read verilog code. And when we have exclusive verilog code (without vhdl analogue) it is easier to convert it, but not learning another language.