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I've done a fair amount of RTL design. At first, there is a "how does this work" outlook. But eventually I started wondering "why doesn't this"... So for fun, what are your most desired language features that just never got added? For me: 1.) export combinatorial signals from clocked processes. Having access to next-state logic is amaz
I think it si mostly used used for Mixed verilog and vhdl simulation, but not as popular as its mentor conterpart
What's next think i need to learn to become complex real time chip designer ?
If you look at the synthesizable subset of both languages, they are very similar in capabilities, but code written in verilog will have much better performance than the same code written in vhdl. verilog was much more popular for larger ASIC designs, which had performance and capacity demands on their simulations that FPGA (...)
verilog is used for backend tool. It could help to be more used. vhdl was created by/for the DOD.
I take the question,because you are a beginner .This has been debated over and over in this forum .vhdl is more popular in europe .verilog is commonly used in north america. vhdl is closer to Ada .verilog is more like c language . Both are simulation languages .there is some tricks to know to use them for (...)
Hi, I'm new to HDL and I want to learn it.but I confuse to select between vhdl or verilog. please tell me which is more popular and more powerfull and have good library. Thanks a lot
Digital designer today use synthesis tools and RTL description of design. For simulation he uses verilog or vhdl models. They don't need to know device physics. RAM designer more close to analog because he used Spice-like simulator and Spice models. Unlike analog designer he never will run AC analysis. But he should develop and verify (...)
As a student, vhdl may be the language you should learn first. in company, verilog is more popular (cuz of inertia and c-style syntax) However, It's very easy to learn other language after you be familiar with a language.
There are currently two popular tools for this purpose! - xhdl from X-TEK, Inc. - vhdl2verilog from Alternative System Concepts, Inc.
why modelsim is the most popular eda tool for practicing and designing using vhdl, verilog and systemc code? is it because we must write our own testbenches to test our UUTs? unlike any other tool that has integrate testbench within its software?
vhdl and verilog are only languages. They both do hardware design. If you have some backgrounding on C language, you will find it easy to master verilog. In future, verilog is more popular.
for ic design, verilog more. for fpga/epld, vhdl more someone said. i like verilog.
in the European industry vhdl is the most popular, in the American one it is verilog (my Experience), so where do u wanna work ? :))
Hi, what tools and languages are best for AMS design?? vhdl-AMS is a IEEE standard but verilog-AMS is not, can i infer that vhdl-AMS is more popular and powerfull than verilog-AMS??? 8O thanks sawaak
the all books recommended is about vhdl how about verilog? It's more popular in industry
IMHO, I think verilog will probably become increasingly dominant in the future. Realistically though, vhdl is here to stay for a long time. This means several things. 1) You still need to own and know how to use vhdl tools. 2) You still need to know vhdl
It depends on what you mean by better. The most popular one for FPGA design is Modelsim. It is also very popular for vhdl/verilog cosims. VCS and NC-verilog set the standard for verilog simulators for ASIC design because they have the highest capacity. These are the 3 three most (...)