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Your opamp is very simple and is missing a voltage gain stage so its voltage gain will be low. Its supply voltage and operating current are extremely low. Its bandwidth and slew rate are very high for an opamp. The resistor values must be fairly low for operation at the vhf frequencies due to stray capacitance, but the resistor values must be very
The transistor is not biased properly, its collector voltage is so high that it is almost cutoff. The emitter resistor value is much too high. The supply voltage is too high. The capacitor values are much too high for vhf radio frequencies.
How to make vhf 'Antennafier' = bi-directional amplifier installed next to antenna terminals? The only practical solutions I found either require Tx/Rx switching (requires control line that my radio does not have) or circulators that at vhf are large and expensive. Are there any other practical solutions?
Has anybody tried this amplifier, and similar ones from ebay Are they any good? The idea is that I can use it as LNA to amplify signals from parabolic antenna and use it with RTL SDR for some amateur radio astronomy.
Aren't all TV stations UHF now? Designing a UHF amplifier requires microwave technology and the wiring is like plumbing. A short length of wire in an inductor that does not pass UHF. Many years ago I tried an antenna amplifier for vhf and it was severely overloaded by all the local stations. It might work if your TV was way out in the (...)
Hi I am looking for a good compact PCB solution for vhf (156.525 - 162.025 MHz) TX Power amplifier that can give 1W (voltage 2.8-3.3 volt) I also want to use one wire as 1/4 λ antenna and need to match it to my output. I can choose the output power from those ICīs: is4060 +13 dBm (20mW) or is4063 +20dBm (100mW) [1.8volt gives
Per equations and charts like this it true that Litz wire won't work at vhf frequencies, like around 110MHz? If yes, is it still good to use something like silver plated flat copper braid for high power RF transformers? Would it work almost as well to use
Hi all. 1. In given figure 2, the inductors suppose to simulate ferrite? 2. Additional question: for what exactly we need ferrite here? 3. Do somebody have some detailed tutorials/bo
Are you suggesting that you expect the gain of a FET to be the same when used as an amplifier or as a multiplier? In the old days we used to have to generate 50W+ at vhf frequencies to get 1 W at UHF with a load of multipliers, its the way of the world. Frank
I am designing a wide band amplifier (20Hz to 50MHz) that follows a frequency compensated attenuator network. This amplifier will provide signal to a frequency counter that I have built. The amplifier is expected function with signals as small as 15mVpp - 50mVpp input, but for breadboard testing, I have been bypassing the attenuator and (...)
I see. This transmitter have a FM range from 88 to 95 MHz. And this range relate to vhf range. As we can see in this link: About the audio amplifier where we find Q1. It contains an active filter RC. Am I right ? Q1 is a simple a-cl
Hi I wanna design and fabricate a 50W vhf amplifier, so I have searched a lot of transistors and MOSFETs from some known company such as Philips, ASI, Toshiba, MACOM, Integra, etc. But I couldn't find a suitable one. Please help me to find that. In fact my preferred requirements are 50-ohm input/output, easy to set up, reliable and hard to fail!
hi,all i'm looking for some transistor working at 40-400 MHz as a lna,NF is lower than 1.5,ip3 is about 15 dBm, Integrated one is best,would you please give me some advice,thank you !
Dear protoman Hi What range of frequency you are referring to ? HF band ? vhf ? UHF ? .... ? Can you show me the out put wave form and input ,( versus together ) ? Best Wishes Goldsmith
2N3866 is good for driver stage. If connected in parallel, give more power in output stage. I have seen exactly this type of transmitter built by one of my fellow using 2N3866 in output stage. RF modulator was from a commonly available low power (50mW) transmitter for home use. vhf booster was built. A few such devices were built and used to re-t
It's possible to build a vhf transmitter amplifier with 2N3866 but the output power will be around 0.5-1W max. to my experience.So, output power is not very practical and sufficient being as "transmitter".But it's theoritically possible.. TV transmitter amplifiers are always A-class power amplifiers for analog broadcasting (...)
Help, Need paper: "A Decade Bandwidth 90 W GaN HEMT Push-Pull Power amplifier for vhf / UHF Applications" Krishnamurthy, K.; Martin, J.; Aichele, D.; Runton, D.; Defense & Power Bus. Unit, RFMD, Charlotte, NC, USA thanks
Hi, i have a requirement of a power amplifier with an output power of 15W within a band of 10MHz to 100MHz, gain required around 30dBmin, thinking of using HELA-10D or mrf557 as a driver and mrf137 as final power amplifier. i have done similar amplifiers for narrow band designs earlier,but dont have much understanding of wideb
BFR93 Scheme electronice: Amplificator de
hi all i'm looking for some transistor working at 140-160 MHz as a low noise amplifier.when i'm looking at different companies products, the s2p file usually does not contain this frequency range.would you please tell me that why s2p files does not contain this range? would you please introduce me some part number working in this frequency range