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hi,all i'm looking for some transistor working at 40-400 MHz as a lna,NF is lower than 1.5,ip3 is about 15 dBm, Integrated one is best,would you please give me some advice,thank you !
I have two H-type vhf antennas that I want to be able to switch between to pick up 150 MHz radio transmitter signals. After going through the switch the signals will be fed one at a time into a receiver that has a minimum discernible signal range of -150 dBm. The switch will not be used for transmitting, only receiving weak signals (on average -8
Might be worth trying soldering another BF998 in parallel to the one in your circuit. At vhf the NF is further reduced using parallel transistors. Just another idea to try lowering the NF...
Hi there, I need help in designing a single antenna to cover the whole band between 30MHz and 300MHz. I know that there are some types that would do the job, like log-periodic or spiral antennas, but the problem is that I am supposed to make it as portable as possible. I believe that anything larger than 50cm will be too large, so I have a to
Is there any need to lna in vhf frequencies?(100~300 MHZ) How we get signal from anttena and apply it to first mixer? If we use lna ,we pickup many unwanted noises and we can not get our signal,there are many TX that work in this band with high output power,so we have to use high power TX and signals are strong enough ,so there is not (...)
hi can any one recomend me topology for daul band lna .which will operate at vhf (174-240)and L-band(1450-1490).same circuit will be used for two frequencies. thanks in advance Added after 1 minutes: and two frequencies are operated seperately
Hi all, I've been using An*ft Sere*nade and like it but considering which's the best for microwave and/or vhf linear simulation for lna, mixer etc. It must have the capability of PCB pattern output. Considering Gene*sys or CST*MWS, any comment? HP8970B