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I've been successful in radiation a field upon surfaces imported via .stl and have plotted the J Fields onto each surface and would like to get these values as x,y,z,Jx,Jy,Jz or similar. Using the fields calculator I select from the library Vec : Vector_J and export using a defined .pts file and the resulting export is a .txt with the correct x,y,z
I am trying to calculate current from the current density in HFSS via fields calculator. I used Ampere law to get current. However the value of current I get is not the same as in theory. My model is a dielectric cylinder and I am trying to calculate current flowing through it. Kindly advise. Thanks
Dear All: In the online calculator below, there is an input called via Length, is it the via height? like, the vertical distance between top& bottom planes for a through hole via. More to ask, what value should I fill for "Applied Current" in Optional
I have a big power MOS FET and Ron is about 50m ohm. The routing metal wires (metal 1/2/3/4..and via ) on the layout generate some parasitic resistance. I don't know how much the metal resistance could be. Is 5 mohm good estimation? (In my case 5 mohm is about 10% of the power FET Ron: 50mohm *10%=5 mohm) Thanks for your help!
Hi, stitching via mainly for good conductivity for power and ground.if in you case has high current running you need to add more stitching via , it may be help for you
Download this toolkit: PCB via Current | PCB Trace Width | Differential Pair calculator | PCB Impedance
Hi, In studying via current carrying ability I found two documents and one tool: ?Constructing Your Power Supply - Layout Considerations", by Robert Kollman ?Current Carrying Capacity of vias", by Doug Brooks and Dave G
With C@dence' ADE calculator (use the derivative function) identify gds at your selected bias point, then calculate the Early voltage If you don't like to calculate, I think it should be possible to determine the slope a of the curve via the simulator as a number. Then, you can command to
Hi, Is there any single tool which has Power rating calculator (via, trace), Impedance calculator, Cree page, IPC foot prince calculator (IPC 7351), and CAM view. Basically I want all PCB related software in one tool. Regards, N.Raghavan
A rule of thumb for the current capacity of a via is that a via with an internal diameter of x will carry 3 times the current of a trace on the same board with a width of x. This is based on the fact that if you opened the via out into a straight line, it's width would be Pi * D.
Dear All I have a problem defining a Non Model surface in Maxwell 3d V11.1. I want to define a Non Model Surface and use it as a geometry in the calculator, for example to calculate the magnetic flux via the surface integral of the induction B. I use the command Draw->Circle to define a circle surface with the proprietary "Non model" set. In
I am trying to implement a calculator which takes input via keypad or any other way like switches etc decode it into binary numbers via decoder ic perform airthmetic calculations(add,sub,mul and division only) and display the result on either 7 segments or on LCD. but so far what i hav is idea of how it should be and not any thor
Hello folks! I'm working on an undergraduate project in order to perform a calculator (add, substraction, multiplier, divider) using Spartan 3E FPGA board. The input data will be entered via ps/2 keyboard and the output/results on a VGA monitor. Have you done this before? I was looking for some ideas on what would be the best way to perform this. P
hey men what r u doing? u know that proteus is runing simulation, if u want edit something u must stop ur simulation, then u will edit and show by right click. While simulating the samples for PIC.. like calculator sample. Can input be provided via keypad and seen on LCD?? If i try to click the LCD and/or keypad.. it say
To connect 8051-derivative to a PC computer via serial port you don't need much .. Any TTL/CMOS-to-RS-232 interface IC will do .. Try configuration shown below .. Regards, IanP
Can someone help me out with the formula I can use to make a simple calculator script or guide me with the formula I should use or maybe knows a utility I can use to do the job ? This are my conditions for the calculator. CONDITIONS: - Pad Over via = .007 mil - Aspect Ratio = 6:1 - Maximum via = .010 mil - Minimum (...)
in general a 0.8mm with would be best with land pad : 0.3 via : 20/10 or smaller. clearance/pad: 5/5 or smaller these is what i use for 0.8 mm pitch for bga. but u might wanna consider that urs is with 548 pins. perhaps u can use vias (20/10) for gnd n power and for fan out smaller traces n vias. y not u share what type of chip is (...)
i think you need two processors for pic land or infact any micros one handles bcd the other operations like display and addresses the calculator slave via a psp port & a serial connection this way you can break the psp into nibbles and dump the calculated result accross a port in psp mode dependant on t