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All, What do y'all use for grid spacing when connecting top and bottom ground planes with vias on a single layer board? 124386 Thank you.
All routed metals must snap to the routing grid. Routing grids or tracks are used by place-and-route tools during detail routing. You can't form a via off-grid.
I'm using cells to create the VDD/VSS power grid. The bottommost cell in the hierarchy is just two metal lines crossing each other with a via. Since there are no instances in the layout or schematic, just wires, LVS fails on this cell: ERROR: Nothing in source. ERROR: Nothing in layout. ERROR: Corresponding cells could not be identified. Th
hi 2 all Plz anybody help me as I want to know to fanout a BGA in so that the via placed may came right the center of 4 surrounding or grid of the BGA.
You need to setup a polygon connect style rule to direct connect for vias
have you tried to set up an electrical via to via clearance rule? That might work.
lock your nets after routing. disable via movements hock
Hi.. I'm looking to build a large scrolling sign using 5mm Leds with a grid of 10x60. I looking for info on how best to drive it via a PC. I was told that a pic would be a good idea but no info on how to was given. I was hoping that someone could help with a pic base board or diagram. Thanks Stuart Still learn all this stuff
Can someone know or suggest right routing grids for routing 0.65mm and 0.5mm pitch smd components, also know via hole diameter for this components. With a 1.27mm pitch no problem for routing with 8mils trace and 5mil grid, but at the low picht, wich routing strategy are best, especially in dense board ? Please reply, skywalker.
hello everyone. i am currently designing a Photovoltaic inverter for residential use. i was wondering if there are any people out there that can provide some advice? currently, i am using a full H-bridge, single phase inverter. it connects to the grid via a single inductor (not an active filter). i am using analog method to generate the gate