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The exported map file from Encounter is wrong, so how to modify it to be able to get the correct layers in Virtuoso ? Here is file from Encounter: metal1 NET 1 0 metal1 SPNET 2 0 metal1 PIN 3 0 metal1 LEFPIN 4 0 metal1 FILL 5 0 metal1 FILLOPC 6 0 metal1 via 7 0 metal1 viaFILL 8 (...)
Create a Momentum substrate with open boundary (air) above and below the substrate. map "cond" as a conductor at the top of the substrate map "cond2" as a conductor at the bottom of the substrate map "hole" as a via through the substrate For the conductor, drawn on layers cond and cond2 For the vias, (...)
Liberty files (.lib) contains information about timing and power of a standard cells. Technology information, such as cell geometry, layers and via width, spacing, size, are not includes in Liberty. There are another special library formats that includes tech information needed for Place&Route tools. For example, Cadence Encounter requires LEF file
The easiest way is to transfer your via holes as another Gerber file. Then, you can map that layer as a via layer for the EM solver.
I?m trying to find a friend who lives near Birmingham Alabama. I met him via the Internet several years ago & we have corresponded by email since. I help him with electronics and he helps me with computer issues. He had a computer business in Calera Alabama which, according to the map, is south of Birmingham. I sent him an email in June
You can define the substrate in the "create/modify substrate", then "map" the layer to via under the "layout layers".
It's a simple positioning system. It works thanks to sending concrete sms number with link to map, longitude, latitude and current speed. Inside device is cell phone (Siemens M35) that sending sms. At the time when we want to check w
Yes. It is, the basic scrambling code is presented to the MS via the common pilot channel. But since it is a simulation you can skip it. Read 3gpp standard TS.25.213 v3.6.0 Hope that helps
map files are useful when a want to change the behaviour of data you stream out, for example if you only want to stream out metals and via but its not required for plotting neither is a tech file, which you can create: ICFC>TOOLS>TECH. FILE MANA. and dump the file. To plot in a layout window Design>PLOT?SUBMIT fill out form and go!
diffusion rom also can be programed with whether diffusion layer exist, please see attached map, in genera, the two diffusion rom bit cell can share the same drain area, so lt lhas little bitcell rom means programed with via connect or not conencted, in general more higher vi
Hi, I output gds2 file in soce,as I have no mapping file,so it automately generate it, as followed: METAL1 NET 21 0 METAL1 SPNET 21 1 METAL1 PIN 21 0 METAL1 via 21 0 METAL1 FILL 21 0 DIEAREA ALL 62 0 NAME METAL1/NET 21 0 I want to stream in the gds2 file to icfb,but the icfb technology file as followed: M1
I couldn't connect this oscilloscope to the pc via serial port. I made rs232 adjustments both on pc and osc. but osc. software doesn't recognize it. Have any experience, idea?
Hi, How can I draw a via to ground in momentum ADS ? I want to simulate a CPWG structure and I want to connect the top metal to the buttom ground. Regards
I think SE only exports metal, via and cell outline.... # example of SE script # gds2 out # OUTPUT GDSII mapFILE "" LIBNAME "top" STRUCTURENAME "top" FILE "top.gds" REPORTFILE "gds2out.jnl" UNITS Thousands ; Just make sure your mapfile and units are correct, then import the gds with standard cell (...)