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The exported map file from Encounter is wrong, so how to modify it to be able to get the correct layers in Virtuoso ? Here is file from Encounter: metal1 net 1 0 metal1 SPnet 2 0 metal1 PIN 3 0 metal1 LEFPIN 4 0 metal1 FILL 5 0 metal1 FILLOPC 6 0 metal1 via 7 0 metal1 viaFILL 8 (...)
I don't find a lot of use in describing a clock net as global / local. Most non-trivial designs will tend to have more then one clock domain. And they should all be considered GLOBAL. Bifurcation of clocks inside an FPGA should only be done via a dedicated component that has access to dedicated clock routes (PLL / DCM / MMCA / etc...) All (...)
Hello every one I don't understand about how the mikroc send data via serial port. I have made application by using but couldn't send data like MikroC application, it gives me error, please help!
Hello everyone, I have a cell balancing circuit for li-ion batteries. I want to use voltages or current that be able to measure via current probe, in the equation. It can be used in MeasEqn but not in the VAR. If you help me, I am glad. - - - Updated - - - Even I did what you said, it could not work. Fo
Hello Guys, I have made a software for debugging via serial port. It is freeware. Please do download and use it from the below link. For updates you can visit T
Can anyone help in calculating the total resistance of a net from DRM 90 nm? I know the formula : R=Rsh*L/W i have added all the via resistances also associated with it. But still my total resistance is little less from the actual total resistance (i got this total resistance from spice netlist after extarction, i just
Can you manually route on the copper then add a via?
hi every body im trying to send some datas via post method in http from my sim900 module to a web page in a web server my web page is working good & i can post datas to it via browser in my pc and html forms but sudenly i cant send datas from my sim900a module can receive datas
hi, delete the ground shape or copper area as well as vias. Now try it below method. choose icon shape--->polygon or rectangle then select the net as ground now draw the shape in your require area after via in copper area location
Hi All, I am trying to turn on an LED via pmod. but it is not working. i am using nexys3 board. Here is verilog code: module TestWheelDriver( output ain1, ain2 ); assign ain1 = 1'b1; assign ain2 = 1'b0; endmodule Here is the part of ucf file where i change pin connection on JA. ##JA net "ain1" LOC
How to find/remove the unwanted traces (Dangling lines) & vias in Altium? Thanks.
Hello, We are laying out a double-sided PCB for a xenon flash lamp?......the lamp flashes for 200us every 800ms, and the flash current is 40 Amps peak. Therefore, we want more than one via when we change layer with this track. Do you know how to make a track go to the bottom layer with more than one it just a case of putting a
it is something like this: METAL1 net 16 0 METAL1 SPnet 16 0 METAL1 PIN 16 0 METAL1 LEFPIN 16 0 METAL1 FILL 16 1 METAL1 via 16 0 METAL1 viaFILL 16 1 METAL1 LEFOBS 16 0 METAL1 CUSTOM 40 0 NAME METAL1/net 16 0 NAME METAL1/SPnet 16 0 NAME METAL1/PIN 40 0 NAME (...)
Hello everyone, I'm trying to make a project that my vb application can send and read data via USB. Now, with Jayanth D's help, ^^ I can send data to MCU but cannot read the data. In this project, I'm using PIC18F4550 - Mikro C - 2010. Please show me what wrong... Thank you very much. Here is my project: https://www.dro
Hi, I have requirement to assign a via on the nets which has without any via points. So i have written automation script using vb to assign via on net here the issue is not assigning any via on net. I appreciate your help on this. Code: (...)
Hi, I have requirement to assign a via on the nets which has without any via points. So i have written automation script using vb to assign via on net here the issue is not assigning any via on net. I appreciate your help on this. Code: (...)
you can copy vias from some other place and stitch on the required shape but while copying remove keep net name option...
As far as I know, PHP has its own capabilities for creating graphs so you can do everything you need just with PHP. Also, as far as I know, VB is not compatible with PHP, so you can't include VB code and PHP code in the same page. However, you should be able to pass variables to a web page via any programming method you want (using POST or GET). Yo
pls do the following: 1. Check whether auto update DRC option is enabled or not... 2.check the same net rule if you routing same net on the database check once 4.check the via definitions once gain..
Hi everyone, I am using Cadence PCB Editor 16.3 to develop a board (4 layers). I have 3 vias connected to the GND_RF net. The Top Layer and Inner2 Layer have a plane connected to GND_RF. The Inner 3 Layer has a solid fill shape connected to the VCC nets (VCC1 and VCC2). The bottom has same nets connected to the GND_RF (...)