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Since no specifics are mentioned, try these: 1> A FPGA Implementation of a MIPS RISC Processor for Computer Architecture Education By: victor P. Rubio, B.S. 2> A MIPS R3000 microprocessor on an FPGA By: Charles Brej I think these are available online for free.
Hi all, I need companion CD for book "electrotechnical systems simulation with victor perelmuter" if some having kindly share.
Hello, This is victor from LEDMANN Lighting System Co., Ltd, which is a professional manufacturer specialized in LED Indoor and Outdoor Lights. All products have approved by CE and RoHS certificates. All items with 2 years warranty. OEM and ODM are acceptable. Hope to find a way to cooperate with you.
Hello, This is victor from LEDMANN Lighting System Co., Ltd, which is a professional manufacturer specialized in LED Indoor and Outdoor Lights. The main products is LED Bulbs LED
Hi, We have an ED-3200 trainer kit which originally run on windows 98. after a while, the OS became corrupt and cannot boot up. Is there a way i can get or download the software so that i can install on a different machine. Its urgent, please help. Regards, victor
Hello! Im looking owing some larger replacements an eye to apps that are somtimes harder to observe during the prime with my phone dimmed down. A brightness tab bar music playe ricons would be cyclopean but Im solid if there is a pack of quality tab bar icons. Anyone catch sight of such pictogram libraries?
Hi every body I have choosed the RIGOL oscilloscope model : DS-1052d for buying , this oscilloscope is made of china and it's possibilities is good. so what's your ideas ? if you were instead me buy it our No ?Mean while I want to buy a LC meter and I choosed 67177victor 6243 what's your idea ?
victor, can u please elaborate the problem, i am not quiet getting it, if i get the problem, maybe i can be of some help to u.
thanks . victor
i need "victor (jvc) dr-mh30 dvd hdd video recorder" hdd image file. my hdd damage so i need a dvd image for new hdd file system
no espik ingle very!!!the erro is in the pin board the compilter ,pin DTR not comunicaychom"nao ha comunicaçao" please write English in main English forum. you may use from Google or Altavista ( translate services to translate into english. tnx
Hello! Could anyone share lab. course, please? "Training - Designing a PCI system (reference 002841A)" Regards, victor
Am victor, a masters student at one of universities in kenya. I have interests in application of adaptive antennas in the communication industry basically wireless communication. However, am yet to narrow down my topic. Please, which areas are still researchable partainig this topic? Please help. thank you for your time
Hi! For interconnect: Search for codes with min. transition between 0 and 1. Clock IC with half data rate and double inside IC or work with both rise and fall edges (for example CoolRunner have dual-edge FF`s) Regards, victor
Hi all. I need help in designing an over an under voltage alarm. I need to set an under and an over voltage with a pushbutton, using a display, and activate some kind of alarm when the set voltages are reached. I want a wide range of sensing voltage (1 to 70 vdc). Any help please. victor
someone can tell me how to make a pdk? thanks, victor
Hello, Everyone. I need to get the Spice model of MC1590 from Motorola Comapny, Who can help me to get it. Thanks! victor
A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra by victor Shoup here is the book link
Hi guys , i have a problem when I try to assign a value to bit victor in system c my bit vector decleration is : sc_in > A,B; and I tried to assign a value to this vector using the following statment A = "01001000"; the compiler gives me a message error C2679: binary '=' : no operator defined which takes a right-hand operand of ty
Hi all I need to design an audio oscillator that reproduce the attached sound. This sound is used to promote growing in plants. I will appreciate any help. victor
Hello victor; What is vbs?
The perfect answer to your question: RF oscillator uses current-feedback op amp victor Koren, Tioga Technologies Ltd, Tel Aviv, Israel -- EDN, 10/3/2002
Hi all I need service manual and/or schematics of CDP xverter and UPSs. If someone have information about linears power inverters would be helpful for me. victor