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I think, the DE2 user manual answers your question. Actually, the DE2 has some AD/DA capabilities (audio codec and video DAC), depends on your application, if it's suitable.
codec? like video and audio algorithms?
hi all i recorded some programs from CABLE using Pixel view Capture card. when i try to edit it to extract audio from selected place i get error. i.e. described according to programs used. BLAZE MEDIA PRO when i select the video b/w two times and try to save audio of selected portion it gives error. (...)
Hi Friends I am looking for a project in video/audio codecs. If anyone of you have the projects along with the source code, Please send me the documentation and the code to Thanks, Vishwa
Yes, absolutely, if you understand the algorithm well. Our chip designed before has something like this, cooperated with video decoder. and it is not that big one.