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Perhaps the most common combination NPN with PNP is the video amplifier. In this situation the circuit provides gain starting almost from DC and is not reversing the polarity of the signal. 5 MHz bandwith video Signal Amplifier - Radio Frequency Circuits
Try this link, it may give some clues.
Any one know a circuit for a norm conversor? pal-b/ntsc -> pal-N What do you mean with "PAL-B/NTSC"?? PAL-B has 625 lines, 50 fps, fh 15,625 kHz, colour carrier at 4,43361875 MHz, blanking setup 0 IRE, video bandwith 5,0 MHz, audio carrier 5,5 MHz, channel spacing 7 MHz (VHF) and 8 MHz (UHF) PAL-N is pretty simi
To make it in the simplest way: Resolution bandwith: the bandwith of the "filter" that is swept across the rquired band of the SpAnal. video bandwith: after the swept "filter" (as above) an amplitude detection takes place. followed by a lowpass filter. The VBW is the bandwith of this afterdetection filter.
Hi, I am designing a LPF for a PAL video (4.43 MHz) receiver. Will normal ceramic caps and inductors work for this frequency? Plan to use veroboard or at most FR4 for the PCB. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
It is not clear what you mean with "video encoder". In my knowledge a video encoder takes some form of video (analog or digital) and code the information reducing required bandwith to transmit it. Be more clear
Can a serial or parallel port decode the video signals from PlayStation (PSX) so you can play on a computer screen without using a TV.?