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Please introduce some ICs part numbers for decoding MPEG video data stream to rgb digital for TFT LCD interface. I want to show a film clip with some data on TFT LCD.How to do it?
I would like to ask if there any available chip that can separate rgb signal from composite video(PAL or NTSC). I found some chip but most of them are obsolete.
Does anyone know the class of chips that takes a digital DVI/HDMI signal, and breaks it apart into parallel 24bit rgb (so 24 pins, 8 for red, 8 for green, and 8 for blue)? Is this a decoder? Or a video interface, or what? Is this generally done on a high speed microcontroller, or is there a specific dedicated line of integrated circuits (...)
Hi ! I'm looking for a replacement for this IC from Motorola ,it is a pal/ntsc decoder,but not anymore in production.I want to know whether exist any other IC that do the same job.... regards maXer Added after 1 minutes: i need to convert CVBS composite video signal in rgb HV one
hello? :) i need video in to rgb out + csync out. please..