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Here is a link to a ton of free tutorials on RF & Microwave Engineering You will need to sign up but it's entirely free!
hi can anyone help me to find a reference for inverter (VFD) (ebook or video) thanks advance
Hi, Anybody have this ebook? Digital video Quality Stefan Winkler, Symmetricom John Wiley & Sons, Jan. 2005.
w w w.r d f w t.c o m
I need the solution manuals to the following books - Multidimensional Signal, Image, and video Processing and Coding John H Woods Academic Press Two Dimensional Signal and Image Processing Jae Lim Prentice Hall Digital Signal and Image Processing Tamal Bose Wiley I would also like to have the ebook of the last one. Regards to
for wince download the video tutorial from microsoft website itself.
Try to find this ebook or the (real) book: Pirate Radio and video by Newton Braga It has very good explanations and projects
i am trying to apply encryption before video streaming using vc++. can u suggest the best encryption method for video. if possible the algorithm, links too. thanks
My major is microelectronics, and know little about communication. Now I got a project about DVB (Digital video Broadcasting), anyone could tell me where can I find the document about this? DVB-S, DVB-C, and DVB-T are all needed. Thanks a lot.
What is augmented reality about? It is about graphical enhancements on films in a realtime way . it needs video processing example is its application in sports like footbal for refree
I'm using a PCMCIA card with a VirtexII FPGA inside for developing a H.264 CODEC. It's from Annapolis Micro Systems and it's the WILDCARD-II. With that I can load a video in H.264 stored in the PC and play the video using the decoder inside the FPGA. Maybe this card can solve your problem, but I don't know how to lo
Basically, I have CF card with JPEGs in it. If I were to use a video encoder which accept CCIR-601 format to display NTSC/PAL (e.g. from Analog Devices), how am I suppose to convert those JPEGs to CCIR-601 format ? And can a 8bit microcontroller in between a CF card and video encoder fast enough to do the job ? Thanks
I am searching the ebook for teaching. So i need some IPs such as USB, enthernet, ARM, DSP, Audio, video etc. Who can help me? Tia