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I have a DVR camera with a serial port and also an ethernet port. 4 cameras are connected to this DVR. I can connect this ethernet or serial port to my controller. From my controller board (running on ubuntu ) which also has GSM, would I be able to stream the video to a server ?
On what resolution and frame rate do you intend to operate the camera,once it is interfaced? And is it necessary to apply image compression algorithm for transferring them to SD card? That depends on the frame rate at which you are operating your camera and the space of your SD card and the duration of your (...)
Hello, I am trying to use a screen buffer to store, change and output the bits of a video data to the DVI transmit interface. I am using Altera Cyclone III development kit. I will be using 1440x900@60Hz for my resolution so my pixel clock rate is 106.7 MHz. The DVI interface is written and is tested within another project that
For progressive number of dots x frame rate = pixel rate. Row rate and column rate is also divisible by number of dots. No need for blank interval unless you are using composite signals from standard video card. PStep software allows any interval rate etc.
I have a requirement to transmit pictures from a windturbine controller cabinet that is some 350/400 m distant . I have a direct line of sight to the wt which is some 23 m in height and contains the cabinet .Would it be possible to use RF transmission to send these pictures or would gsm be a more reliable method .What equipment would be recommen
Of course it depends on your frame rate, however video transmissions typically require high transmission rates, like those associated with WiFi. Although there are RF modules designed specifically for the transmission of Audio/video. BigDog
Hi, Have a query on video encoding from analog input source, say an NTSC soucre at 30 frame per second. If I am to use an MPEG2 or MPEG4 encoder, what would be the output frame rate? Would they be in constant frame rate if they are to subject to the variable bit rate for (...)
I want to do a project in image processing or rather video processing. The idea is that a camera would be mounted on a bot and it will compare the videos that it records to videos that have been previously stored in memory and accordingly move in the corret direction. Can anybody help out and tell is it possible in practical? if yes (...)
What is a good, low MIPS video encoder that I can use with a 150mhz arm m4 CPU with floating point support? frame rate can be lower ( 10 15fps) and video is VGA. Thx
can i input and digitize NTSC analog video using PIC 16F877A.
i need to create video processing with high frame rate using PIC then send a data to a vehicle that moves according to the acquired video stream. however after hours of searching i found that this is not possible as the max would be 4 or 5 fps. so i started changing my direction into using portable DSP kits but didn't find (...)
What you want to do will require a speedy wireless transfer rate. It might be possible if you use small video frames, and slow frame rate. Even if you used ethernet, the rate would likely not be fast enough to handle tv quality video. As for the computer, these are (...)
Hello kutas, I don't know if a IP camera with a GPRS module exists. I think that the data rate of GPRS connection is not sufficient to support the frame rate required for continuous video surveillance applications. Anyway you can find IP cameras provided with built in WiFi module and control SW to implement a wireless (...)
Hi About your first question: If device quantization level is 2^q and image size is axb pixels, so bit rate for this image or frame in video is axbxq. so bit rate and quantization level is related linearly.
Hello All, Did anyone used the tripple buffering algorithm for increasing the frame rate in video processing application. Please give some design descriptions or any means of help regarding the implementation of Tripple Buffer Concept. Thanks
Hi, I need to increase the video frame rate from 20 frames/sec to 60 frames/sec using fpga design. I am using a ddr2 memory device for this application. If some one has any reference design for frame rate conversion, please help.
Hi, As I said, I'm no expert, I've never built/designed a frame grabber, or used one, I just replied because no-one else would. I am not aware of any 'one-chip' solutions, let alone ones using a DSP or micro. The key to this is a very fast ADC, one designed for video (there are plenty about), some RAM, and a form of 'contorller' that controls
are you thinking of wireless real time video transmission using Bluetooth
What is the video image resolution, color depth and frame rate.
I need to capture live video feed from a 4MPixel/frame, 30frames/sec, 16bits/pixel high resolution camera and for that I need to know what the data transfer rate of the video capture card should be. Multiplying 4*30*16 becomes 1.9Gbits/sec. Does this mean that I should use a 1.9Gbits/sec capture card? Since (...)