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hi i would suggest to take a few video lecture on "Basic Electronics" and also refer books on the same topic. then you could go to some website like and start from there..
Dear all, I know this has been requested in the past. But I have already looked through all the previous posts/thresholds on all forums, but I still can't find a valid link to EE240 2006 Ali Niknejad lecture videos. I am aware that this set of videos are extremely rare, but if you have an authorized link, could you please share with (...)
Couldn't you get them here? ;-) Or from here? Or the video presentation?
Hi, i see that UC berkeley has taken out video lectures for "EECS 142 by Niknejad". I tried looking around but could not find them anywhere on web. can anybody here have them? or point where they are available? Thanks in Advance PB
is any microwave tubes video lecture is available on web?? if it available plz post the link!!
There is a video lecture on this in Youtube by Antenna Theory Which uses Voltage to Current distribution ratio at individual points to find a position for 50 ohms.. U'L get better idea watching it . !!
hi...i dont know surely about video lects on this subject is available or not...but please search on site below ..may be it will helpful to u.. NPTEL PHASE 2 - Courses
I tried to read the lecture note or lecture video on youtube but it's hard to understand. there are a lot of mathematics but no concept what they are doing and how they work. Anyone please explain to me the concept of it. What are DFT/FFT doing and how they work? or suggest me the source that is easy to understand about this please. Thank (...)
you can also find lecture notes and lectures at IITs and IISc Online Courses in Engineering and Science under NPTEL and Academic Earth | Online Courses | Academic video lectures
hi is there any good webinars or tutorial on subject lex yacc . Also Any good lecture series on System software Unix shell CPU scheduling - scheduling algorithms, Multiprocessor scheduling, Process management in UNIX, concurrent process- critical section, semaphores, synchronization, concurrent languages. types of OS, batch pr
Hi all . Can any one give the link to download Jan Rabaey 's lecture videos? I tried but the download happens only partly. I need lecture videos from 20 to 26. thanks in advance
Is there a online lecture talking about SAR ADC? I mean we can look the video and lectures, like berkeley online courses, which are opened to everyone. But they didn't talk about SAR ADC. Thanks. BR, Barry
hi, pls give a link to basics of analog circuit design video lectures? thank you.
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Hi aaaat, "Completely new to IC layout design. Can anybody tell me, is there any video that shows how to draw any IC layout design having matching, gaurd ring and other techniques" its difficult to get all this thing in video lecture, but you can get all this lecture online. you can also visit Dr. Baker site for (...)
Is there a a good video lecture on MIMO and OFDM. The ones on google that I find are of Shiv Kumara, and raelly I didn't really like his way of telling things let alone explaining them
any body is having webcast ee240 advanced analog integrated electronics video lectures please upload it in rapidshare so that many people can make use of it who unable to download
is there is video tutorials for systemverilog
Dear ALL the following link has video lectures in Short Course on Fundamentals of Wireless Communications Now Available in Streaming video. . I used WMR software to download lecture but unable to download it. the file link is as follows.