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Hello Andrew, If you are looking recording HD video on-board on UAV, the below camera is an option(this is for daylight recording only): I personally use xiaomi yi for daylight recording on my drone(uav) with good results so far.
Given that the video output doesn't appear to be encoded (SMPTE 292M HD-SDI ) the menu could be added by overwriting the correct pixels as they are output using a custom design (perhaps in an FPGA). That same FPGA could be used then to interface to a HDMI phy and a wifi module. The problem isn't so much the difficulty it's the fact that you don't
Hi All. I have a project for wifi based video Camera device. Target is device will capture video with audio and save the file to MicroSD Card. Also features wifi based capture file upload to server. Is there any suitable wifi Module that comes with direct Camera interface? Or any other reference (...)
The steps are few: 1. Install TCP/IP - most email packages use TCP/IP. 2. Install a email package of your choice. It can become messy because you need a video display and a keyboard to effectively use email.
Hi , I would like to design a wifiDirect Camera Hardware that streams and records video. I have the requirement as follows. 1) It should be compact size (half the size of palm) 2) It should have both Bluetooth and wifi direct. 3) It should have slot for micro ssd. 4) It should be a night vision camera with PAL or NTSC Can you (...)
Hi folks, Need some help to get me in right direction. I have simple camera with USB output and want to convert this USB into wifi signal. meaning is just make that camera wireless and access it from web. Does anyone of you know the project like this? Thank you for any help.
I'm not sure about your adapter if it will work in AP
Soc typically refers to a chip that contains a main microprocessor, on-chip memory, memory controllers along with numerous other components that can include wifi/audio/video/graphics processors and controllers. depending on what your application is, you can work with a simple processor or a SoC. Taking ARM processors as an example, here is a simp
Of course it depends on your frame rate, however video transmissions typically require high transmission rates, like those associated with wifi. Although there are RF modules designed specifically for the transmission of Audio/video. BigDog
You'll need the bandwidth of wifi for video transmission, otherwise you might as well take a lunch break. If all you'll be transmitting is a snapshot/single frame, then you can consider something along the lines of a 2.4GHz transceiver. Do you need full frame rate video? Or will a snapshot/single frame work? BigDog
Hi, I want to model wifi traffic in wireshark( html,ftp,video) etc. Can I catch the traffic in windows?, it doesnt shows an option for my network card, and if i caught traffic in some different operating system can i use it in windows for filtering?...When I am filtering html how does i have to filter ?..according to source address or ty
Hi guys, Which one likely to consume more power on laptop for video streaming? I'd like to see some figures for comparison purpose. Thanks
Better the antenna gain, better is the communication link. 1.5km is lot of distance for a 2.4GHz video communication, so the 16dB gain antenna would be a better choice.
I am trying to transmit webcam video to PC through a wifi router. I am using ATmega16. My webcam has a USB port. Please help me to make this possible. I am connecting the router to uC's USART. Now is there a way i can connect the cam to some pins in the uC and transmit it through USART?
Just buy a wifi video camera. It'll be cheaper than one you build
I have 6 chairs that I would like to attach an 8" monitor so that the person sitting in them can watch tv, audio/video on demand, radio and internet browsing. I'm planning on getting server and client computers. All the media would be on the server and the clients would access them via wifi. All the movies and music will be stream using VLC.
Hello kutas, I don't know if a IP camera with a GPRS module exists. I think that the data rate of GPRS connection is not sufficient to support the frame rate required for continuous video surveillance applications. Anyway you can find IP cameras provided with built in wifi module and control SW to implement a wireless remotely controlled surve
Depends on many things. Analog transmission is simple. You can use a cheap wireless surveylance camera and get the analog video to PC and use a cheap capture card. For digital, it is a lot more complex. You will need to digitize the signal, then do some video streaming over bluetooth or wifi.