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You can simply use proteus COMPIM and interface RFID, GSM, GOPS etc... to your PC and communicate with proteus. Do not use MAX232 with COMPIM model. Also you should have a hardware COM port available in your PC and its COM port number should be between COM1 and COM4 then you can install (...)
Connect your mobile to PC using USB if it has USB port. Then Run proteus simulation with the .hex file obtained by compiling flowcode project. There should be a COMPIM part in proteus. Set proper COMx port. You may also need a mapper in VSPE. virtual serial (...)
I have proteus 7.10 and I have not seen this problem. Do you have port conflicts? Try using virtual serial port.
No way you can check your logic only. By using COM-PIM and virtual serial port send response to GSM Module manually to ur contoller.
Do not use MAX232 in proteus, in conjunction with the COMPIM. It uses digital ('TTL') levels like the virtual Terminal, while transforms the phisical port to a virtual port.
i have a working GUI in C#, and a working PIC code for 16f877A, using serial port. Works also with hyperterminal. In can call back send text and can control 2 LED. In proteus, it works nicely.for proteus, i used the virtual serial port (COM1 and COM2). I (...)
look for a virtual serial port... it will simulate two serial ports (COM4 y COM5) on your PC, one for your GUI (COM4) which communicates with the seccond (COM5), so use a terminal or even the COMPIN of proteus
Hi, I'm currently using labview to receive data sent from the microcontroller PIC18f452. I'm using visa to receive data from the pic. But the problem is the read result always zero!! I'm use a virtual serial port to interface proteus with labview.. Also i connect the RS-232 in proteus to (...)
Hi all! I'm trying to create a serial communication simulation on proteus over RS232 with PIC18f6585, MAX232 and a COMPIM. I'm using virtual serial port driver to connect the compim with Hyperterminal. What is happening is that before and after the MAX232 i recieve (...)
When I simulate the following code with PIC simulator IDE , it works well . However when I simulate it with "proteus" , using virtual terminal , I get lot of zeros. Can anyone pls tell me why it's so? void main() { UART1_init(9600); // initialize USART module // (8 bit, 9600 baud rate, no parity bit... while (...)
You need virtual serial port Driver to Make proteus Communicate with Hyper-terminal or any other Software... but i haven't tried connecting proteus to real-world environment... download virtual serial port Driver from Eltima and try this..
you can use COMPIM module in proteus and virtual serial port software like Eltima for interfacing your hardware with proteus through serial port of your computer
No need to do the NULL MODEM if you have a virtual COM port PROGRAM.. I am using the software from Eltima software "VSPD XP 5.0"
Hi, Using the virtual Terminal model. For more info look for 8052 Basic example in the samples folder Bye