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Hi, RS232 Serial Communication in visual basic visual basic and RS232 for easy automation and control. Kits and tutorial help you to learn control of stepper motor, dc motor, vb programming, and electronics
hey guys i want a source code program in visual basic which i can control with it with ultrasonic sending & receiving circuit and how can i connect the circuit with pc.... notice : i made rc car program control in vb and i want to provide this car with ultrasonic circuit to avoid any crashes thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi, Can anybody suggest a good book for learning visual basic for a beginner. Thanks, Anish
It can be done from Microsoft Excel using visual basic (within Excel). I describe how to do it in my book "Excel by Example: A Microsoft Excel Cookbook for electronics Engineers " published by Elsevier/Newnes, ISBN:0750677562 You can also do it by writing a progam in a language like VB and either use a charting control (...)
You better start learning C, not with C++ or C#. In electronics C is the basic high-level programming language IF you want to program only PC's you may choose to start with C#. I started learning programming for micro's,... in C and programming on PC's I started with visual basic
You can study more in visual basic for electronics Engineering Applications Ebook here this book
Try: "Programming The Parallel Port In visual basic" Regrads, IanP
"basic Tutorial" and "don't need a visual basic Tutorial" ? basic tutorial about what ? Language, electronics, animals, culture ... about what? Is it tutorial for old PC DOS based compiler? Is it for some kind of basic compilers for uC ? (...)
Hi, i need help in making a critical decision. i graduated in jan 2003, with a degree of B.E electronics.i got my job in dec 2003. my job function includes programming in visual basic 6 and other soldering stuff. i have great interest in microelectronics/VLSI/ASIC etc.(i waste the time between jan to dec in getting my (...)