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Hai I am Doing a project with visual studio to communicate with PIC 16F 877A As I a beginner in visual studio , my doubt is rs232 flow control is possible in Pic 16f877A. My visual studio project is aimed to read EEPROM values (250nos) and display it on computer screen , If anybody have (...)
hi everyone. recently working with opencv face traking. still working on it. but my goal is to make a portable face tracker. Primarily i want to build a serial communication with controller within opencv code . so how can i do this . i know c. but little in it will be helpfull if the code
I guess you mean Dynamic Link Library, visual studio 2008 is a package of programming languages and developers tools by Microsoft. You create DLL files with programming languages like C#,C++,C,etc .DLL are library files having useful functions, which can be dynamically loaded at runtime by your application and those functions inside the DLL (...)
Hi Everyone... can we install visual studio 2008 and 2012 together in Windows 7 ...? Thanks and Regards Sunil.
Hi Everyone, Can anyone please help me to Develop wince 6.0 applications with visual studio 2008 for FrendlyARM Mini2440. I installed Windows Embedded CE 6.0 on Mini2440. i want to develop a Smart Device Project using visual studio 2008, when i selected the Smart Device Project in (...)
Hi Everyone, Can Anyone Please help to develop wince6.0 applications with visual studio 2008, Thank you.
If you are using visual studio, add the files to the project in the Solution Explorer window.
Download these sample codes for start your
Respected sir, i have ARM7 controller in which the temperature and humidity are coming to serial port as 35tem 5hum.......... i want to plot those using either matlab or by using visual studio 2008. As strings are involved(tem and hum) i tried to plot but getting errors. so please kindly help me... you can also mail any data to
hi, i am developing a GUI for my project through MFC using Microsoft visual studio 2008. down below is a part of my code that i have written. the purpose of this code is to get GPS data (using marshallsoft GPS component) from serial port, display, and keep on updating the data. i am facing problem using continuous loop (While loop) to (...)
For your communication with PIC and PC.. have a look on these links also.. Hope this will also help.. How you have programmed your controller, i mean to say which compiler you are using
Hi, I am now coding using C++ QT. Is there any free software or available tools that can help visualize the relationships between all the classes? FYI, I am using visual studio 2008
You can use MS visual studio for develop application in Windows CE Windows CE 5.0 and visual studio 2005 - Recording tutorial videos today. - Windows Embedded Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Hi, this code used to work, but dont know why this time it has linker problem.Help! #include using namespace std; int main(){ cout<<"Hello"; return 0; } The error i got is as followed: 68944
This link on Microsoft's web site should allow you to download the file and burn a CD from the ISO image so you can install it on any computer which isn't connected to the internet. Download: visual studio 2008 Express Editions with SP1 - Microsoft Download Center - Download Detai
I Had your problem but I found the solution recently. If you use visual studio 2008, you must set enviroment variables for c compiler in a way you can compile c code using command prompt. after that you have to remove 'Network simulation repository ' setting. you have to set 'stdmod' in 'network simulation repository' for standard mode . (...)
ya sir thank you.... i am following this way only.... i already installed visual studio 2008. and i am trying console programs using c Sharp... i am confusing that whether i start c++ or c sharp..
hi................. Can anybody suggest me from where i can get Microsoft visual C++ 2008 Express Edition for free??? I downloaded it from the visual studio website.But i got only the setup file and if i excute it is asking for Internet connection for downloading the required files and data. I tried for CD form also (...)
If you have a recent version of visual studio 2008 or 2010, it is fairly straight forward. To find the current port assigned to the device, open your Device Manager, in the Control Panel in the System Dialog Window, look under Ports in the device tree. You'll see your USB/serial device and port number if the drivers were installed correctly (...)
How do I set the path if I am using OPNET 11.5 and MS visual studio 2008 ? By the way, in the Environment Variables Window, I can see the PATH variable, but I can't see include or LIB, but when I type set in the OPNET console, it shows path, include and lib as well. How do I set the INCLUDE and LIB variables?