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Hi, I need a circuit of LED indication. My Voltage source(Battery) is 10 to 160Vdc. When ever the source is connected i need to show a LED for indication. Can any body suggest me any idea. Thanks and Regards, viswanath
Hi, I am viswanath from INDIA. I am using liquid flux for soldering smd components and RANKEM make Iso prophyl alchol for cleaning the PCBs which consists SMD and leaded components. after cleaning the pcbs, i observed the PCBs are sticky and some kind of white layer is formed around the components. Because of this the pcb functionality is
Anybody has any solutions for chapter 10?Thanks...
Hi Friends, I want to simulate my circuit in Orcad PSPICE. I did not find the library for the component(STE53NC50 Mosfet) i am using. Can any body help me how to create the PSPICE model for this part or can some body share me the library if already used. Thanks and Regards, viswanath
Hi, Please refer to the following
Hi, I have attached the schematic. Regards, viswanath
Hi, I need to calculate power consumed by the 74ls00 IC in my circuit. In the datasheet of 74ls00 quadruple 2 input positive NAND gate ICCL and ICCH parameters are mentioned. Does these parameters are for whole IC or individual Gates? Some body please help me in this regard. Thanks and Regards, viswanath
Hi, I Think it is FAIRCHAILD FJAF5804 NPN 750V, 10A TO-3PF.(I dint find the datasheet on the web) You may use the FJA13009. I attached the datasheet. All d best Regards, viswanath
Hi, My problem is solved. As FVM said it is dry solder problem. Thank you all for your suggestions. Regards, viswanath
Hi, Visit the following link. K9 Web Protection - Free Internet Filter and Parental Control Software | Free Internet Filtering and Parental Controls Software its free. Regards, viswanath
Hi irshadhm, you can use quad channel op amps like LM324. you can get it in the local market as well. why dont you upload your schematic? Regards, viswanath
Hi buka86, refer to the following link, it has everything. Design with Microcontrollers: microSD ATmega32 Data-Logger great work by dharmani. thanks for sharing his work. Regards, viswanath
HI, Refer the following link. Design with Microcontrollers: SD/SDHC Card Interfacing with ATmega8 /32 (FAT32 implementation) . Hope this may help you. Regards, viswanath
Hi Friends, Can some body share me tutorials on GYRO SENSORS and PLCs? Thanks in advance, viswanath
Hi tushar, You can convert 1-5V to 0-4V. Refer attached schematic. If you want to convert 1-5V to 0-5V, you have to use DC-DC Converter. Regards, viswanath
Hi, It is already discussed in this forum. have a look @ also i have attached a tutorial on how to interface MMC/SD card. Hope this helps you. Thanks and Regards, viswanath
Hi Friends, I need a P Channel MOSFET with continuous maximum drain current of 40A, and very low GATE Threshold Voltage. I want to use this MOSFET in Battery Cell Balancing Application.(My Battery individual Cell Voltage is 2.1V). Can some body suggest me in this regard. Thanks and Regards, viswanath.
Hello Ecotack, Have a look @ LINEAR TECHNOLOGY LTC1650 and LTC 2704 but resolution is 16 bits. Datasheets Attached. Regards, viswanath
Hi, What Crystal Frequency you are using? Regards, viswanath
Hello Akshay, I dont see any mistakes in your code. Even i have checked with my KEIL, i dint get any errors. Have you solved your problem. Regards, viswanath.