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Hello people , I have conventionally used RO4350b for high frequency upwards of 6Ghz and the usual FR4 for below 1Ghz . I was recently recommended the 185HR
Hi, Guys I have a problem when designing a vivaldi antenna that operates from 1 GHz to 28 GHz in cst. I have red many posts about the vivaldi on edaboard. I don't know how to draw expontial curve of vivaldi antenna in cst. If anyone have a solution please don't hesitate to give me, or if anyone could (...)
Maybe because it is more wideband. For patch antenna manufacturing tolerances may be a problem at THz freq. Something like vivaldi antenna may help.
Hi all, could you please help me to find some ideas to reduce the ringing in vivaldi antenna at center frequency 2 GHZ? Best regards
Hi, I designed vivaldi in HFSS. then I placed two identical vivaldi with 80 cm separation. Since the problem size is huge, I don't want to use radiation boundary box. Instead I want to use PML But whenever I am trying to setup PML, it provides an error message attached below. please help me. I have been through Help documents of HFSS, mem
Hi, I am using two vivaldi antennas separated with their far field distance (~80cm) in CST Since they are UWB antenna, so I am trying to excite Tx antenna with an input UWB signal (i1 as indicated in port signal folder) But after simulation is completed, I do not see the port signal of Rx antenna (...)
Hi, I simulated a UWB vivaldi antenna in HFSS. I would export S11 as .csv file from HFSS and import it in MATLAB. The purpose is to find out impulse response h(t) of UWB antenna. After importing .csv file of s11 from HFSS, what I need to perform to get impulse response h(t) of that antenna? Thanks
Hi, I am interested about planar UWB antennas like vivaldi or patch antenna. These UWB antenna should be considered as what type of filter (eg FIR or IIR) ? After simulating in HFSS, if I save |S11 | dB 2D plot in .csv format, how may I get frequency response H(jomega) from S11.csv file in MATLAB?
Hi, I am trying to find Group delay of vivaldi antenna working in 3-5GHz. I used HFSS 16.1.0 and placed two identical antennas at a distance of its far field. After simulation, I found the group delay from Results>Create modal solution data report>Rectangular plot> Group delay My question is that there are actually four group delays in (...)
I have recently learned about vivaldi antennas, which can be realized in microstrip technology. Does anybody aware of antennas with similar wideband characteristics that can be realized in microstrip technology? I want to share my thoughts on vivaldi antennas. With recent developments in SIWs (substrate (...)
A good option (gain, size, pattern) for this frequency is a narrow bandwidth vivaldi antenna.
Hi All, I tried obtaining a surface current plot of my vivaldi antenna in Ansys HFSS however, the current seems to be restricted to a small portion of the antenna (see picture attached). But in published papers, the surface currents are shown covering a good portion of the metallization boundary. I have tried increasing the port voltage (I (...)
Hi, Guys I have a problem when designing a vivaldi antenna that operates from 1 GHz to 28 GHz in cst. I have red many posts about the vivaldi on edaboard, however I have tried to use the spline but don't know how to implement the exponential for tapers. If anyone have a solution please don't hesitate to give me, or if anyone could (...)
Hi guys, I am trying to simulate a vivaldi antenna and keep getting the following error message: HFSSDesign1 (DrivenTerminal) Definition Mesh, process mesh3d : Unexpected internal software error code -1073741819 with module id 0. (11:33:46 AM Jun 02, 2016) Simulation completed with execution error on server: Local
i have nvr done vivaldi antenna design in CST. two possible ways you can find the solution. 1) use macros to create the shape if macros have any shape like vivaldi.. 2) antenna magus has vivaldi antenna. get antenna magus so u can import vivaldi (...)
hello, I have to draw a vivaldi curve. the equation is given as 0.125*exp(0.24*Lv). Lv varies from 0 to 18. could you please help me to draw it in hfss. Thank you
Hello, I am bigginer at designing array antenna.:sad: I designed a vivaldi array antenna 1*4 in CST. I have some problems: 1) How can I see the radiation pattern of array antenna ,not each element? 2)I design a antenna with waveport then copy the antenna and waveport 3 times that gave me (...)
It might be a good idea for you to do a convergence test on this for yourself. Start by making the waveport something like 2X the gap on each side and above/below the conductors, and simulate the fields in the port. If you still have signficant field strength getting near the sides of your port, then expand it. Keep enlarging the port until your
You have an example here:
Hi, Can anyone help me with the design of a vivaldi antenna, I am at a very early stage of it right now, more like I need help with modelling the geometry in CST at this stage, I am struggling with making analytical curves/ faces in CST. Regards :razz: