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hai i just finished mtech 2nd year i have done a 1 year internship in a central govt organisation in vhdl programming on fpga, can anyone tell good vlsi companies present in hyderabad?? also are there any good matlab training centres in hyderabad???
Hi Can anybody let me know if there are any vlsi companies in Kolkata? If so please let me know the name of those companies. Regards
Hi All, Can any one send the list of companies which are local to hyderabad (which are not mnc's, neither national) that work on projects in digital vlsi or embedded systems. I am looking for such a company that can help me to get hands - on - experience in doing projects knowing all the details from the scratch. I am not look
My name is Siddesh H Banakar and I am seeking a challenging position in the field of vlsi / ASIC Design(RTL -GDSll) / Process Technology / Custom analog/Perl/ C/verilog 1. I hold BE(E&C) from Acharya Institute of Tech., Bangalore, India. (2008-passout) 2. I have successfully completed PG-Diploma/Certificate “Advanced Diploma in ASIC
Hi friends, This is Ganesh.R and I want to know the small companies which are working in the field of vlsi in hyderabad. If any one knows the company name and address please post here. Thanks in advance.
I have the vlsi companies list.If u want that I can forward u.Please let me know
there are around 25 companies working vlsi,u can visit the it park in person all the best