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Kanada Technologies (A vlsi Training Academy) : Offers vlsi Course Modules listed below. 100+hrs of classroom + Lab training, vlsi Professionals with 10+ exp. as faculty, Placement assistance (20 Students placed in core vlsi companies). 1. Memory, Standard Cell & Analog Layouts 2. Circuit (...)
I completed my Master's Degree in Computer Engineering from Texas A&M and have been working as a Physical design Engineer for 2+ years. I am looking for jobs in vlsi domain near Notre Dame, IN since my fiance will be moving there. Please advise which companies might be hiring in that area.
Hi guys, I'm a B.E(ECE) student passed out in 2012. And also i have finished a vlsi design/Verification course just now. But i could not find any openings in this field. I have also completed 3 projects during the training period. Which includes both design and Verification. Please suggest me some (...)
Hi Folks, Are there any companies which deal with Analog Layout design in Australia. I am planning to migrate to this country next year. I know that USA and UK has majority of vlsi jobs in the world but wanted to do some background check before applying. Regards, Vishwas
Hi, i have completed my M.Tech in vlsi design. I have done industry oriented training program and live projects from a reputed institute. I completed the training on feb 2013, since then i am trying to find a job in vlsi industry, can any one please help me out in finding a job in start up companies. my mail id is
Any one can list small and middle sizes vlsi Company in Bangalore. I have Completed M.Tech. vlsi , Did myM.Tech project in CAIR,DRDO Blore, and IIT-M. but i dont l kow how to get job . I am holding 90% mark, experience with Virtuoso , SOC encounter, design Compiler, Tetra max(DFT)
Hi friends, I have completed my B.E in Electrical & Electronics, 2011 passout. I have done course on vlsi design & verification recently. I am searching for job in vlsi domain. Please let me know if there are any openings in companies in this domain. My email-ID is Thank You..
SA ; I'm a student in third year , computer engineering department , cairo university and I'm very interested in the field of Digital vlsi design. and I'm searching for an internship for this summer. anybody can provide me with the names of companies that are searching for interns in Digital vlsi (...)
I think most of the vlsi companies in India are in Bangalore, Noida, Hyderabad and Pune. Kolkata I found one company i.e. Fornax Techart Address: 25 ramlalbazar road, Kolkata Type of Company: Private Specialization: Digital design(System design,RTL and Verification), Verilog, VHDL, Analog design, (...)
Embedded: CAN, RTOS(like VX works) in Linux environment vlsi: Low Power CMOS, Package design Signal Integrity,
in vlsi jobs every company is preferring min of 2+yrs experience Hi Navakanth, I think you are mistaken there are many vlsi (FPGA/ASIC) companies recruiting freshers... Many of them are B-tech (You are a M-Tech Holder)... But i am not sure that you will get in the design field... Because many of the freshers
Many Training companies offer vlsi Courses ... The Major Elements vlsi design ...I am giving an overview FPGA based design are one HDL language ... 1.verilog 2.System verilog 3.VHDL 4.Handel C 5.System C etc ...Usually C ,c++ programmers adapt quickly to (...)
Hi Everyone, Can i have list of vlsi companies with PDK group. Thanks, :-)
hi i finished my mtech in vlsi design in 2009. i got campus in software company. i joined in software company. now i wanted to change my domain i want to go back to vlsi there a chance. iam very strong in vlsi. can any one plase help me. thnaks srinu
Hi, I am not sure if there is even any company which provides vlsi work at home. And especially, you are into verification field, which makes the matter tougher. I hope there may be some possiblity in RTL design field. All the best Mukesh
hi, i currently reside in dubai. There are no companies here for vlsi domain of work. Can someone help me find something to do like working from home... i am not really expecting any salary but just some work.. i am into vlsi front-end verification as well as pervasive verification ... Thanks Did you try Duba
i hve finished BE 2009 pased out.nw doing m.techvlsi design.i am very much interested in vlsi companies.pls anybody inform me is there any job openings.pls help me and sugesst how i hve 2 aprroach those companies.
Dear All, We are NIT(National Instutute of Technology ) vlsi design Group.We had all Advanced EDA tools and Softwares. We would like to takeup freelance design projects for vlsi companies in we are Master Degree in vlsi..Had broad Knowledge in vlsi (...)
Hi frenz, Can anybosy tellme if there are any vlsi companies in Australia? Thanks,
This site has list of vlsi companies in India.. Good Luck...!
I heard that TCS also has vlsi dision.. chk it.
Can anyone send me the list of vlsi companies which are working on Full custom design that is designing standard cells....Will they take for freshers or who has done a training course in particular tool like Virtuso layout editor... Help me Please Bye
Hello All, I'm now doing my Diploma in Advanced Digital system design & P G Diploma in vlsi design. I'm now looking for job in digital or vlsi field. Any one knows any companies requires fresher in this area. I'm now studying in Pune University. My E-mail Id ---, (...)
hi guys, I have completed my Masters in vlsi design. i am looking for a job in vlsi Industry. let me know the openings in front end as well as in backend.
I have completed M.E in vlsi design. I am working as design engineer for past 16 months. I am looking for a switch over in bangalore. I want to know the list of companies in bangalore and current openings there. Can anybody will help me in this perspect?
I have completed M.E in vlsi design. I am working as design engineer for past 16 months. I am looking for a switch over in bangalore. I want to know the list of companies in bangalore and current openings there. Can anybody will help me in this perspect?
My name is Siddesh H Banakar and I am seeking a challenging position in the field of vlsi / ASIC design(RTL -GDSll) / Process Technology / Custom analog/Perl/ C/verilog 1. I hold BE(E&C) from Acharya Institute of Tech., Bangalore, India. (2008-passout) 2. I have successfully completed PG-Diploma/Certificate “Advanced Diploma in ASIC
Hi, I am kanimozhi B.E(ECE) graduate of passedout year 2006 and I did a course in vlsi . Now searching the job in vlsi field . Please somebody help me to get a job in the same field. If any know the companiest those recuriting plz tell me there website address.Its very urgentMy mailid is thanks in adv
you can get these in vlsi and design (analog companies ) like amd, analog devices KPIT..
Hi, I wan't to know opportunities after M.Tech in microlecetronics from IIT or IISc, Presently Im working in MNC in vlsi domain. I have 2 years of experiance, I did B.E in Electronics planning for Masters from Premiere institutes. What are all your sugestion about my decesion Thanks to all
Hi all, As a fresh vlsi design engineer..I am finding it very difficult in getting calls for entry level positons from companies..People say that usually guys are called for written tests only through referrals!! After applying for the last 2-3 months I am also feeling the same.Help me in getting me some referals for entry level positions (...)
Hi iam about to finish my in vlsi design,and i need companies info with mail IDS to communicate so that i can forward resume.plz provide me links so that i can do this.i have applied for naukri and others but iam not getting any thing related to vlsi,so kindly help me. Thanks and regards vinod kumar.
hi to all anybody has the list of companies which is woring in vlsi/Embedded in gujarat.. Plz send it to me if u have... Popatlal Panjarawala
Hi all, As a fresh vlsi design engineer..I am finding it very difficult in getting calls for entry level positons from companies..People say that usually guys are called for written tests only through referrals!! After applying for the last 2-3 months I am also feeling the same..Guys from india can help me in getting me some (...)
I have the vlsi companies list.If u want that I can forward u.Please let me know
noida is good enough for vlsi jobs some major companies are STmicro,free scale,motoralla,transwitch,Viraj Logic. Other than lots of small companies are there. u can simply see the yellow pages for noida
hi frinnds, i am doing PG Diploma in vlsi design from CDAC. Can you plz tell me the scope and application of system C.
Hola, I am a belgian engineer; I was on Erasmus in Vigo (Galicia - Spain) I had a project on software. Spain is such a beautiful country!!! Here in Belgium it is not better for a vlsi job but if you want I can send some links to companies that are kind of high-tech... From where in Spain are you? Are you already graduated or still st
dear friend, the openings in vlsi field for freshers are very limited, if the institute give some assurance of conducting campus then only you should this course. MTech is a better option
My profile is also similar and interested in vlsi design .If any one has information regarding some companies sponsoring please let me .
In Israel there are many companies doing vlsi and ASIC design. In Australia there are maybe few if at all.
Hello group, I am looking out for jobs in the Semiconductor industry. I am trying to reach the University relations/Human resources officer. I need a link or database where I can get their Email(I do not want emails such as, infact I am looking that Human Resource's Email). Raghavan
Hello Friends Well i am doing my post graduate diploma in Embedded systems and vlsi design from CDAC Noida,India.I am learning vlsi frontend nowadays .Well from the topic "I need a job" i found out some info but was not satisfied from it.I would wish to inquire from users jay_ec_engg and madhe37 about the list of vlsi (...)
Does anybody know which companies in field of vlsi do IP development. I need to know the branches(TI,Intel etc) where all this work i am really interested in doing development of High speed designs i have 5 years experience with knowledge of design,verification,synthesis and backend. I am really interested in (...)
Hi, I am a graduate student in a reputed US university specializing in vlsi design. Would anyone be able to provide me the list of companies working in the field of vlsi or any url or website where I can find this information? I am applying for jobs, I would also like to know if it would be appropriate to post my (...)
hello friend can any one telll me about vlsi designig training
Hi, Does anybody knows softwares which convert a schematic or a netlist to a large scale integration or vlsi IC layers (these softwares are used to design IC's from ordinary schematic and they are mostly computerized (like PCB designing) , and do you know companies which we can make an order to manufacture small numbers (...)

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