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Dear All, I am new to vlsi field. And I want to design and simulate LDO regulator in ADS. But I dont know how to calculate the W and L. Also what exactly mean for nm technology.. for example what is meaning of 65nm technology. Also how to calculate the W and L for different technology. Can any body please guide me?
Maven Silicon good for Frontend vlsi ???? Whats about placement in MAVEN ????
Get this book: cmos vlsi design a circuits and systems perspective by Weste and Harris. This is probably one of the best references with good instruction on how to design SRAM peripheral cells. I think the full methodology is too long to describe in a post here :). Feel free to ask if you have any specific questions.
need interview questions of vlsi/semiconductor/fpga from basics to advanced Here's a selection of digital and analog (PDF below) interview questions. Try and answer them by yourself, so you can learn quickly.
try to refer the book of CMOS vlsi Design by harries and weste...u will got the answer to all of ur questions
Hi, Basics about vlsi or your academical vlsi or semiconductor books are fine. Also read detail in resistance, capacitance and Inductance. regards, Basu
Hi friends i am appearing for an interview for admission to PG programme (vlsi DESIGN/SIGNAL PROCESSING) in the syllabus for written they gave diodes bjt fet basic analog circuits....etc i cleared the written and now iam keen to know what would be the questions in interview from the BJT FET part .....pls relpy have the interview at earliest date..
I plan to do master's course in vlsi and want to know which are the best countries to get the degree and a job.
It's nice that we are finding answers for all the questions which you have answered....Thank you sir. Sir can u pls tell such small companies which hire FRESHERS in vlsi domian I am not interested in package.... ---------- Post added at 09:25 ---------- Previous post was at 09:21 ---------- Can Anyone Pls g
For insertion delay check below link. Please elaborate your questions? ASIC-SoC-vlsi Design: Clock Definitions
THere are lot of threads related to interview search for vlsi interview questions or digital design interview
does anyone have CDAC sample question paper plz provide me with the link i m appearing for vlsi and embedded systems course
check this CMOS interview questions vlsi Interview questions
I am a junior at an engineering school. My goal is to end up at a computer hardware industry after college. I am currently enrolled in a dual degree program where I get both a computer and an electrical engineering degree. The thing is I really do not like programming and am thinking about dropping the computer engineering side. So I would graduate
Hi, i am a new PhD student, and topic of my study is "PVT variation aware vlsi design". As i am very new to this field, so i need guidance in this regard. Please answer my following questions 1) To model process variations for digital vlsi design at architecture level which tools are used (e.g HSPICE, SYNOPSYS)? 2) Which is the latest (...)
You can post it here or we should have a vlsi subforum
vlsi circuit design methodology demystified: a conceptual taxonomy By Liming Xiu This is good book for your purpose.
Hi All, Here a set of very nice interview questions wth replies: Enjoy it ! Good luck !
Hi !!! Can anyone send me previous model papers of VEDA IIT (vlsi TRAINING INSTITUTE) located in hyderabad.... ? Regards, -Chand.