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i am in IV year, ti is coming in my college, on what topic i should concentrate,please help me! my branch is e.c.e. Is it for vlsi? If so brush up Verilog/VHDL. If you have any higher level verification experience like E/SystemVerilog/PSL that will be a GREAT advantage. You may also consider our internship program at CV
What are the opportunities that are available in India for freshers in vlsi.. I find it very difficult to get interview call for any companies.. Please share any openings in any of the companies here..
I have an interview next week for this position. Any comments and advises are greatly appreciated. Description Design verification Engineer working on the next generation large vlsi to be used in continuously available hardware. You will start on an active team verifying a design in progress. You will migrate to the (...)
vlsi interview questions & answers , ASIC interview questions Hope this should be helpful to you.