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By 'they' do you mean the amplifier and the load? Yes, they do have the same RF ground. I mean the 50 ohm resistor ground and the vna ground.
I don't understand the purpose of thÝs setup. S11 can be measured by a vna as single port measurement directly, using the internal directional coupler.
Without a vna you can use a simple waveguide reflectometer. In addition to the oscilloscope you will have to use a waveguide detector and a calibrated attenuator. The refectometer consists of a 10-dB waveguide directional coupler with the detector connected to the coupled port of the coupler. To determine S11, you send a signal through the coupler
Impossible to measure with vna.
If you can make one pad/port of this inductance well short circuit on a test board, any vna will measure its inductance.
you cant connect RF pad directly to vna. you need to connect/solder a connector/cable eg. SMA or SMA/UFL cable soldered onto the pad.
Hi, from the following link : There is a polar diagram in vna(Vector Network Analyzer) We are able to know the PCB layout trace length by phase variation. My que
please help me , i want to measure active S parameter of a 2 port MIMO antenna. i know the equation to calculate active s parameter "Active SParameters is (S11*a1 + S12*a2)/a1 where a1 is the complex excitation in volts incident on Port 1 and a2 is the complex excitation in volts incident on Port 2." my network analyser transmitting 0 dbm
usually reference antenna will be used for TRP and TIS measurement in the chamber because the characteristic of reference antenna is known and the only unknown here is you DUT (antenna). TRP is a measure of how much power is radiated by an antenna when the antenna is connected to a transmitter. TRP measurement method can be used to (...)
Basically yes, I'm doing this quite often. The shunt impedance (RL or RC equivalent circuit) is usually already displayed in a single-port measurement. But the useful impedance range is restricted by the 50 ohm characteristic port impedance. A wider impedance range can be measured in a two-port setup. I suggest to learn a bit about S-parameters
how can i measure isolation between two antenna system (two diffrent band ) in vna
If you don't have too much experience doing vna differential measurements (and simulations), would be better to use a balun because you can choose the right impedance ratio of the balun, as in the list below from TDK: For using a simulator, TDK provides the S-pa
thanks for your input. i know how to calc them, but i want to use a vna to measure some small rf compnents, so i need a tool. :) maybe i can built a simple program to calc them.
A vna gives you serial or parallel equivalent R or X ( C or L ) values at certain frequency.When you divide X value ( 2xPIxF or 1/2xPIxF ) you'll get L or C values respectively. For instance, let say you have read 0.55+j*0.77 Ohm ( normalized ) impedance on your vna @ 2GHz.It's a serial R+j*XL impedance. Z=50*(0.55+j0.77)=27.5+j*38.5 @2GHz So R=27.
1. Buy it! --> 2. Use vna to measure and generate s2p file --> 3. Simulate in ADS
Hey all, I have designed a 24 GHz full wave Greinacher-Rectifier (with diode connected transistors). Now I want to measure it?s impedance. But: The measured impedance deviates from the simulated impedance! The left picture shows my simulation results during a frequency sweep (100 MHz to 26.5 GHz). The right picture shows the measurement. (...)
You can measure this impedance with a vna by using a bias Tee.. Then you will have enough information what order of RF impedance should be terminated.
Dear colleagues; I am working on wifi and bluetooth boards. And try to measure antenna isolation between antennas. I applied the proper coax cable to vector network analyzer (vna) and perform the calibration. Then connect the coax cables first to wlan antennas (2x2 system). Result is seen as below; 105911 Then remove on
Dear Sir, I am designing a transmitting patch antenna array consisting of four elements and one recieving patch antenna element on the other side. I am having vna and USRP. I am confused how to use these instruments to transmit a signal from array and then measure that signal's phase from recieving antenna element. If you can help me i would be ve
Hi, I have encountered a problem where I try to measure a RF Amp with a very low power input. But the vna keep showing an warning message "Phase Lock Lost". I cant measure anything when I see this message. Would like to know what is the problem? What lead to this problem?