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Hello everyone, I want dspic33fj32mc204 microcontroller sample code with deadtime complementary PWM. if you have please send it.
Hi All, I have come across with this regulator and it just specifies the max thermal junction. I can just get temperature from the case, how could I calculate the max temperature possible on the case if I don't have the thermal resistance between junction and case?.
Hi, I need to implement 1 GigE with either FPGA or ZYNQ. I am wondering performance wise which Ethernet option is more promising. 1- FPGA with external Ethernet Microcontroller (MAC and PHY) on external chip 2- ZYNQ 7020 having MAC inside the chip but it need external PHY
Hi All, I have to glue a heat sink on a chip which is getting super hot. The dimension are width 6.3mm and length. Anyone could recommend something to glue it?. I have though in thermal tape but it wont secure the heat sink enough... Thanks, Winsu
Hi, I want to make a radar that can detect people/objects from the back of the car when it is reversing. I have demo position2go kit, but I can't seem to configure it to detect reliably. Sometimes it detects when nothing is there and sometimes it doesn't detect objects(people), and usually it detects "ghosts" (short blimps). I have been using
I need to build a circuit that should save power of the "next" (main) stage for 12 hours. So the 12 hours is the duty cycle. I've run into TI nano timers but their max duty cycle is just 2 hours. And I need 12. Also, I'd like to be able to set the "reference point" with a button click or some "pre-
I have a unit that's been operational for a little over a year. Something went wrong and suddenly the LCD is no longer getting the I2C clock signal. Shorting the LCD's pin directly to the I2C SCL pin of another chip gets it working again. I found a discontinuity between a via underneath the MSP back to the MSP pin. Everywhere else on the line ha
Hello I have circuit cards that is not functional, I would like to troubleshoot and understand root cause, like which circuity or IC chip is causing the failure. the circuit card consist of XLINX, DSP, FPGA IC's, Any advise or software that can help me to start with? other than JTAG,
Hello, I have a question regarding the clamshell type socket. What is the 'center ground pin'? What is it's use? How do I decide whether or not to purchase a socket with this pin?
Hey folks, I am doing some power IC staff. In the design, I am supposed to find the max current density of a transistor to make sure the chip not being on fire. Could you guys help me out? I am using TSMC 180 tech. I could not find the description of the max current density of the MOSFET in tech files. Best, OH
Greetings. Radio communications services for fire, police, ambulances and other institutions have migrated to digital modulation modes; which can be of several types from the little am aware. Can anyone provide/point a tutorial to all the methods beyond typical AM. CW, FM, SSB, FSK... in use these days ? Of all those current digital voice mode
If I send a high-speed ADC layout to TSMC for fabrication, assuming the ADC chip is under export control, do I need to apply a license with the government before sending the layout to Taiwan?
I am in the US and working on a chip that is subject to export control. Does anyone know if a license is required from the US government in order to tape out the chip with TSMC in Taiwan?
Hello again all...please need your inputs, planning to buy MC912D60ACPVE8 from online store and replace directly the original. This can work? thanks
I've been developing a product that utilizes the ADC inputs of a WROOM-32D module and found some quite alarming anomalies. The linearity seems to be horrible. To check, I've done this: 1. stepped the input voltage up in 100mV increments between 0V and 3.3V. The source is accurate to +/- 1mV. 2. used a low impedance voltage source (<10K). 3. used
When one device has multiple antennas and some of them operate in the same band (like WIFI and Bluetooth), how can we lower the coupling between two closely placed antennas? Is there any rule of thumb for antenna layout or grounding?
For the ?CAY-16 J8? resistor (8 resistors on a chip), do you know if the resistors are where the ?concave? bits are, or where the ?straight? bits are? ...i was looking for the "pitch" measurement marker to help to tell us, but cant find that. 8 x resistor array https://www.bourn
Hi The attached (LTspice sim and pdf schem) is two paralleled Buck converters. Please assist us in making out the circuitry required to make these Bucks share current equally between them. The circuitry shown inside dotted lines is what we have so far. However, we need the sharing to be done over the entire load range of zero to 8A. Clea
Hi All, I'm looking for Linear motor for my application. Motor shall have continuous force to be around 3-4 Newton. and stroke length(travel distance) to be 12-15mm. It shall be operate at least 30Hz frequency. Size shall be 20-30 mm length. Searched following actuator types, 1. Solenoid - > Has frequency issue. Above 10Hz
I have PIC18F45k40. I am trying to communicate with LOra module. Can someone suggest me simple example to send At command and get response for same. i have attached datasheet for reference.157464