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A loudspeaker coil is wound on its magnet core, and does cause an audio-frequency magnetic field across its magnetic gap. At a certain power, the electromagnetic emission from the voice coil gap (not the acoustic vibration of the cone) should be able to be picked by a 'receiving' inductor nearby. Is there any experiments or studies about (...)
Hi all, Be warned, mechanical engineer here. I'm working on a project with a DC non-commutated linear moving-magnet voice coil, controlled with a servo drive in current mode, and I can't seem to get a straight answer from the manufacturer on the maximum voltage the device is rated to. The rated current is 2.4 A continuous/7.2 A peak, the back
Your tiny speakers might sound like tweeters but they have a voice coil that is about 3 ohms so the 470uF output capacitors should charge or discharge in about 0.07 seconds. Do the tiny speakers have other capacitors in series?
a few years ago I would have scoffed at this question, and said something like "if you hear a voice saying to 'obey my dog'" then you know. BUT, recent work suggests that a strong magnetic field applied to the brain CAN CHANGE your personality or change decisions you would normally make. For now, you can just tell because someone is holding up
The traditional loudspeaker is a ring magnet with a magnetic short across one end of it with a rod which sticks out of it around which the voice coil sits. on the other end there will be a large washer so its inner hole is a close fit to the voice coil. The effect of this is that the voice (...)
This resembles the common-base configuration, where the signal is applied at the emitter leg. It is most useful when the incoming signal has low amplitude and low impedance. Example, detecting signals in a wire coil. Suppose we need a microphone, but all we have is a speaker. It is possible to turn a speaker into a microphone. The voice (...)
Hi, Can someone tell me how old telephone systems transmit two way voice communication using 2 wires only?? while reading i came across the term hybrid and i think 2 way voice by two wire transmission was made becoz of this.. But i fail to understand the operation of hybrid can some body please explain... I read Wikipedia it says Th
You should consider, that a standard headphone has an electrodynamical voice coil actuator, that has the magnetical field mostly shielded. Any coil with sufficient number of turns can sense the field.
I don't think that the question is related to PWM in any regard. It's just about a fast acting valve. I don't think that conventional electromagnetic valves can achieve the intended speed. You have to look either for special designed electromagnetic, electrodynamic ("voice-coil)" or piezo actuated valves. I know that fast acting valves are used in
My dynamic mic has 3 pins instead of 2 If it's really a dynamic microphone, only two terminals are be connected to the voice coil, you can check with an ohmmeter. I wonder, if it may be an three pin electret microphone instead. If so, it would need a power supply to generate an output signal.
Is is possible that recording the voice on telephone line via magnetic core and without practical contact?
I saw and heard planar dynamic speakers. They had a frame with a magnet and a flat piece of styrofoam with a voice coil. They sounded horrible. No bass, boomy upper bass and no high frequencies. Then they added a styrofoam tweeter that also sounded horrible. But they were extremely thin.
I have a few question about the block diagram: 1. How does the feedback generate the sink current required to drive the voice coil? 2. The data sheet states: "Resistors R and RSENSE are interleaved and matched on-chip. Their temperature coefficients and any nonlinearities over
I have this electromechanical device that i would like to control with a voice coil motor the device uses two magnets repelling each other what is the resulting field of the 2 magnets it the sum of the 2 fields combined ,no mater what is the orintations of the poles ??? N - N ,S- S, N-S ??
I've been searching the web for some information on voice coil motor driver used in modern HDD. I've found some info here . I've found datasheet for and old TI TLS2205 voice-coil MOTOR DRIVER, SPINDLE-MOTOR DRIVER, AND VOLTAGE MONITOR chip. I'm trying to find datasheet for a 40GB Maxtor HDD VC