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hello I am trying to control 230V lamp brightness using a triac and zero crossing detector using voice recognition module.whenever i say something to voice module it takes that value and compare it with the stored value if it matches(using switch statement) then execute certain code,but the function i am calling in case is executing only (...)
I m using pic16f877a micro-controller to run a code to control GSM Sim900 Module. the code has voice call commands. My question is to avoid the recorded tone from the network provider when there is a situation occurs(caller is busy, switched off, not reachable etc...) I m calling three different numbers sequentially. So, I thought to set (...)
Hello Everyone, I m using arduino micro-controller to run a code to control GSM Sim900 Module. the code has sms commands and voice call commands. My question is to avoid the recorded tone from the network provider when there is a situation occurs(caller is busy, switched off, not reachable etc...) I m calling five different numbers (...)
Hello, I still new on this field. I having my college project this year, so I choose on making a voice recognition using microcontroller PIC18F4580 to control light and DC motor as the output. My question is: 1) Is it possible on using a HM2007 as the interface? And can anyone show me how is connection to PIC18? 2) If the HM2007 is not (...)
I don't exactly understand the problem. DTMF dialing is always performed in off-hook state. Besides primary dialing, DTMF tones are often used to control automatic voice mail systems etc. during a call, just pressing dial keys.
Please let me know that there is any Arduino Library available for voice Recognition. When I program the sketch it works like below, When we say ON then LED turn-on when we say OFF LED turn-off.?
Hey guys.. I'm in a project that uses Arduino UNO + SIM900 to receive and make a call. I want to make the SIM900 pick up the call and then plays a voice file to the user like an answer machine. I know how to receive and pick up the call, MY PROBLEM is in the voice file. HOW TO PLAY A voice FILE IN SIM900 DURING THE CALL? So the (...)
SRAM stores voice data? You want code in C for SSD and P1 control?
Making IR command codes is easy but if you want voice recognition as well you should be looking at a far more advanced microcontroller, possibly one of the dsPIC33 series. Brian.
Hi...! Beginner's voice: I want to set portA of 8255 is O/P in mode 0 to 8051. So i need write hex code(0x83) to control register( 0x4003) of 8255 ppi , how can I achieve this in c language? I use keil as assembler. My error code: xdata=0x83; But keil shows the below error, syntax error near '[' Thanks in advance..
Dear All, I want to ON/OFF fans/lights of my room through my voice command. My ideas are: 1. Suppose, I want to ON FAN. I just call "FAN". 2. The signal will be receive by the micro-controller via micro phone. 3. It will process the command. 4. The fan will be turned ON if it is already OFF. Or the fan will be turned OFF if it is already ON
First sample the data received from the speaker and run them over a comparator which has a set of related vocal inputs as another input if your voice matches the sound in the library do action corresponding to it there are some problems here as people say stuff differently so kindly be more specific on what word a speaker has to say if the wor
Hi Friends, i am doing voice call based device control using GSM & DTMF. i connect the speaker input line into DTMF input , my headset is response the call and DTMF tone but MT8870 not responding why????????????? (MT887 is DTMF decoder) Thanks in Advance.
Hi! Being new myself to DSP and after doing some preliminary googling, I'd like to kindly ask the more experienced members for an estimation of the feasability of the following project and brain-storming for terminology to start help me get started with further investigations. Background: A friend is physically severly handicapped and no longe
Dear Friends I am doing cell phone based device controller LINK- This one every thing working but my problem dtmf side only "MT8870" not decoding what is my problem I didn't under stand Please tell me :x
Have you considered mistake-ability of "false positives" and "false negatives" and "true negatives" in voice recognition. i.e. It hears noise or radio voice and executes by mistake... It hears valid voice command and ignores you. It hears valid voice command and does something different that sounds similiar. (...)
I prepare to do my miniproject on cell phone basdd device control with voice acknoledgment. I can't able to instal efy magazine program with keils software. Plese send me bascom installing software . I hav micro ide software but with out serial no . I con't able to do anything. Plese help me.
Hello friends.. My project is "speech recognition based power point presentation tool". My intention is to control the pc by giving voice commands wirlessly. for eg..wheneva i want to change the slides in a power presentation, i.e. weneva i want to go to next slide or previous slide, just by saying page down or page up, slides need to to be contro
hi everybody, i'm doing my hardware project in voice control system for wheel chair automation using DSP processor TMS320F2812 . i need matlab code for this control system such that the voice input from the microphone is given into the microprocess and the code loaded into the dsp processor should compare the input (...)