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Q1 and Q2 form a two-stage audio amplifier circuit, the audio signal received by the MIC by the C1 coupled to the base of Q1, amplified by the collector directly to the base of Q2, Q2 in the collector to get a negative square wave, with To trigger a bistable circuit. R1 C1, the circuit frequency response for high sensitivity limit in the range of a
hello I am trying to control 230V lamp brightness using a triac and zero crossing detector using voice recognition module.whenever i say something to voice module it takes that value and compare it with the stored value if it matches(using switch statement) then execute certain code,but the function i am calling in case is executing only (...)
hello all i'm trying to call SSBoll79 on a short array representation which i have from a *.bin file. i know that the regular algorithm works for double array. can u please help me with fixing the algorithm for it to work on short as well. the log function in voice activity detector will not return the same values. please help with any sugg
Dear scream_er Hi You will have two way . first way is very complicated with DSP ( recording the voice of Baby and comparison between that and the voice of ambient with DSP) ! And the 2nd way is really simple but it has some tolerance : use from a simple peak detector with op amp and use from a simple microphone near your baby and (...)
Actually the posted receiver is a superheterodine using only one conversion, so there cannot be two IF's (10.7MHz AND 455kHz). The reason of two (or multiple) IF stages is to get the receive system link budget for gain and sensitivity. The reason of the LPF after the detector is to eliminate any high frequencies greater than audio (voice in this ca
Hi post reader! For my final year project i am building an interactive voice response system that uses the ICS 8870 for decoding dtmf, rs232 n max 232 for serial communication and 8951 microcontroller for call detector n etc.. It would be very helpful to my cause if anyone could tell me of any such existing small scale ivr implementation... :)
Hi how can i find vad mfiles. please answer me. thanks for your attention.
hello genius guys how r u well i need ur urgent help i am making an industrial safety system in which i have included temperature sensor ,fluid level detector ,motion detector ,smoke detector ,digital lock. Now i want to make one last thing voice MATCHING CIRCUITRY I want that i give my voice (...)
Hail, anyone has suggestion of a kind of IC which able to detect audio voice lvl exist a pre-defined threshold and report an output and allow adjustment on this threshold lvl??
Is anyone aware of a way of implementing VAD on a PIC 18F or any micro for that matter. A whole day of searching the net yeilded many highly statistical approaches that were meant for dsp or pc's. I have spent some time looking at the energy of speech in the presence of high noise as in hf radio and noticed the energy falls in two bands, one from a
You can look at the two circuits posted here: I've built several of the original circuit for friends and they all work quite well. Parts values are not critical. I even built one that triggers a voice storage and playback chip that gives a verbal warning when lightning is detected. Mike
I think you talk about the software design you must try to seek in pattern recognition to extract the main features in the voice the store it in memory, i think you also need to take large no of samples from each voice with different words to get the right features salaam
One thing to do is use an oscilloscope to examine the output of the FM detector. Also the amplifier stages that follow. I suspect that your FM transmitter and receiver are designed for passband signals such as voice and does not go down to DC in the modulation.