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Why does your inverter produce a voice sound? Is it talking to you and asking where on earth can you buy 3300uF/450V capacitors? Oh, Digikey has some that cost over $100.00US each.
hi all, i am planning to do a project on voip with real time devices. i am new to this.. can anyone tel me what r the devices that i ll need , and if any software if i ll have to learn.. i saw dis asterisks and was nt able to get wat its gonna be used for.. should i start learning basic ccna voice commands.? Thanks in advance
Hello every one .. I need opnet 16 for LTE voice over ip simulation for my graduation project .. but of course I can't purchase the license and uni program doesn't replay to me. Any one has a way to get that software????????????? Advanced thank to u.
Hi, Is there any cheap IC that can encode MP3 ? Or an PIC32MX is powerful enough to encode mp3 at telephone quality? I want to send voice over ethernet in mp3 format. thanks
Hello Friends I am wrking on project in which i am supposed to establish voice communication over bluetooth using avr microcontrller .plz help me finding suitable bluetooth module..with serial port for interfacing
A description of GSM voice codecs can be found at various places at the internet, e.g. GSM - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ANSI-C code that represents the algorithms of the half- and full-rate codec can be downloaded at
Dear All; I need to make a TCP/IP Client on which i have to to stream following - Serial Port (bi-directional) - voice (bi-directional) Please tell me if this solution can be implemented on any Microchip MCU or if there any existing solution/package for this for this. Regards Saeed
Hi, I want to transmit voice over RS232 and replay it in real-time using one of the Mega AVRs. The problem is the interval between samples. Since I'm using a computer on one side ,can I rely on the pauses(between transmissions) that I make in the computer program ? Is it more efficient to use PCM ? If yes please guide me through a source (...)
I need a voice recognition software that'll give me voice recognition as well as interfacin with parallel or serial port plz tell me name of the
Hi In order to that you will need to sample the voice (using ADC) at known sample rate (most voice can be sampled using 8 KHz sample rate) To save band width you will also need to compress the voice using a known algorithm like ADPCM Or G721(more complex) And then you can send the DATA via the (...)
Dear All, I want to know that what is the basic technical difference between VoIP and the voice used in different messengers. Regards, Kashif Saleem Mirza:D
SIP is a signaling protocol used for VOIP, ie. it's used to establish a phone call, so one can say SIP is to VOIP what SS7 is to PSTN. There are a few signaling protocols developed by different bodies SIP is developed by the IETF (the body that develops the internet standards) and the h32x family (h323 is for voice over ethernet with no (...)
I am going to design a system to transceive the voice signal which is digitalized and encrypted for security . In my way, I am get analog singal (voice) through the CODEC block then compress it (using Vocoder ). After that I encrypt this digital signal. Thirdly, modulate this signal then transmit over the line. So anyone (...)
Hello everyone.... can anyone please help me out in....."how to do the matlab code for speech processing (i.e)...voice over ip (VoIP) using different audio codecs such as G.711, G.729,SPEEX etc". can u just tell me how to use the CODEC by taking a input signal (.wav files) and do the programming ..... if anyone knows abt (...)
Hi I want to transcieve voice via MIC and SPKR of sim300, in GPRS mode to another sim300 connected to GPRS. Anybody can help in any way ? Thanks Do I have to alter the SIM300 Bios to have this functionality or does it support this feature already?
Hi, Dear u must go to VOIP (voice over IP ) all the worl now use voip , i suggest it to u . Thanx BR\\ Tamer
hi Contains MPLS Tutorial McGraw Hill - voice over MPLS Planning and Design Networks Computer Networks, Fourth Edition By Andrew S. Tanenbaum
hello VoIP basically means that IP is used for transportation of voice Details well the audio chat is a kind of VoIP but VoIP can be of many forms like IP Telephony is also a kind of VoIP but IP Telephony is an advance form it can be between PC to PC PC to Phone Phone to PC now audio chat over LAN doesnt (...)
It stands for : Regular Pulse Excitaion - Linear Predition Code LPC is based on slow changing signals like voice , over a short window of samples can be used to expect the next sample with certain degree of error that can be minimized by acurate statistics , the idea is instead of sending the voice (...)
that's a lot of subjects, i can reply you concerning VoIP: VoIP is to carry out normal voice signal over a data network working with TCP/IP protocol, the idea is to use DSP to convert analog voice into digital signal , then use protocols like RTP to encapsulate digital signal into packets , then use protocols like H.323 to (...)