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Does any one know if there is a feature in Altium Designer 15 or can someone recommend filter "line" to easily detect the following case: * High Speed track as microstrip that has a segment that run over discontinuity in reference plane (example running over a gap on the split plane reference or large polygon voids created by some high voltage t
Hi All In allegro, the find windown have lots of filters,such as Groups/Comps/Symbols/Nets/vias/Pins and so on,and when we executived one command, some default filters for options, for example, when we run the measure command(Display--->Measure), you will find that the part of find filter work(Pins/Vias/Shapes/Cline segs/Other Segs/Figures/DRC e
Impedance-wise, the shield is just a small bar across the microstrip, SMD shielding cases have usually voids for the signal traces. A shield must have multiple ground plane connections anyway. All in all, I don't understand which problem you are exactly addressing in your post. If you have copper pours /ground fills beneath the RF signals tra
Make sure the "equivalent ground return" part is satisfied, or you will be dissapointed. A teflon sleave does nothing to connect the 2 board grounds, and trying to solder two boards together is not as easy as it sounds...solder voids are common.
hi all i m using CAM350 file generated by PADS. this cam file is opened using gerb tool for panilization purpose. when i am exporting gerber from gerb tool i m geting error " Round polygon: - deleted 0 degenerate voids out of 3 voids" can any body tell which file i should export through pads which will be open in gerb tool for panal
While creating artwork file, pcb editor gives error for voids in the shapes (copper pour) and doesnt generate artwork files. But generates other artworks which doesnt have shapes. Have a look at the error: ERROR: aborting film - Shape with first seg=(170 95) has a void with extents that touches another shape with
Hi In agilent ADS momentum there are two ways to model a ground plane: slot_planes and strip_planes. In slot_plane method the program only meshes the voids, like antipads and splits, while in strip_plane method it meshes the copper areas. The strip_plane method results in a lot more mesh cells in a simulation. I would think that using strip
The plane layers in Altium Designer are negative layers. That means that objects which can be seen on those layers are voids in the copper. You aren't seeing "outlines", you're seeing the places where the copper is going to be removed. Likewise with direct connections to the plane from thru-hole vias and pads. You won't see anything where the
If you mean real plane layers, you add them in the stack manager - menu Design>Layer Stack Manager. You can then draw plane layer splits by going to the menu Place>Split Plane. Real plane layers are drawn as negative layers - that is, any line placed on that layer indicates copper removed (voids). If you mean copper pours (polygons), you draw
hi voids are non-copper area within the copper area Regards Neena
To expand on Flatulent's comments, aluminum used with compression fittings is not safe, thermal expansion and subsequent contraction leaves voids in the connection that immediately oxidize - over time this repeated occurance creates a high resistance and resultant heat then sometimes fire - aluminum was used in residential housing for a short while
Ad1. You can place tracks on Top and Bottom side but it will create voids in your GND areas (can even defragment it). Of course you have to place a small track and a via to escape from the component pin to internal layer. Ad2. The thing what really matters is how you instruct the PCB house to build your board, you can reorder layers if you wis
In 0.18LG process, H2 alloy post metal etch will bring metal voids issue. Why?The temperature or the H2 cause it? Pls give me your comments,TKS.
A solid copper ground plane is just that - a board layer of continuous copper with nothing else - no components or traces. Metalization refers to pouring a local area of copper on a layer that has other signal traces or components present. Sometimes it is a complete covering of copper on the exterior layers of a board, with voids to allow the p
Hmm, I heart a story.Once upon a time :) two guys get original coin and print its template to plaster paste.Then pull out the coin from plaster and let it dry.Finally they put conductor solution to voids of coin and let it freeze :D They cheated many drink machines with these ice coins. So, i understood that it is not only related with conducti
What effects do minor voids under a microstrip board design (when screw mounting board material on a metal carriers) have on the line performance. i.e. impendence, loss and input/output interconnects (launchers screwed to the carrier).
hello friends, IŽd like to know if there is any C Library with voids to interface a 8051 to a gps. Any help is welcome! regards, 2000