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It depends on what this device is required to power. If one side of the output can be grounded, then you are in luck. If the output needs to be floating, then your voltage feedback needs isolation.
Hi, i've realized a prototype board with a DCM flyback converter with these features: Vin=50V Vout=250V Pout=50W Fsw=100Khz I've connected thi prototype with laboratory power supplies and the converter seemed stable to vary the input voltage and the load. Now i had to import that converter on the ultimate board and i connected to others b
Hi. I need to realise my power supply with adjustable output voltage 0-30v with current lower than 30A with response time 1ms So after a lot of research, I choose to use push-pull dc-dc convert and now I work about the voltage feedback .I need to control the voltage between 0 and 30v with a microcontroller so you should (...)
it depends on the load type, but usually some type of isolation is necessary to prevent electrical shocks. the simplest yet high performance feedback isolation is opto-coupler which consists of a voltage reference (e.g. TL431) and an error amplifier (opamp or TL431 itself). also compensation could be done in the secondary (...)
Hi Prashanttiyagi As Bradtherad said one of the best solutions is a buck converter . but there is another way available too . i think with this low voltage , you don't need any isolation , so a simple flyback converter , with non isolated feedback ( with two resistors and a common ground ) can be ok too . But another thing , if you use a (...)
Hi guys, I know feedback is a common problem being asked here but my key question is with Galvanic isolation. Consider attempting to sense an o/p voltage of a Buck converter that I've built: , with the following deta Output (o/p) voltage: ~28V DC o/p voltage error: (+/- 2V typical) Des
isolation comes into play, if you need the measured signals isolated from mains voltage. It's not easy to achieve analog isolation with acceptable accuracy, even dual-channel couplers with feedback (Vishay IL300 and similar) need at least individual adjustment, and their accuracy isn't mind-blowing. It would be more (...)
There are tons of applications circuits with isolated voltage feedback. Most use a TL431 as voltage reference on the secondary.
dear all i need help on isolated feedback signal. for a dc/dc isolated converter need to take output voltage feedback with isolation..i need this isolated voltage same as output.....can any boy can we do this thanks darla
Take care while placing magnetics and feedback circuit. Keep feedback circuit away from magnetics. Route thick traces for magnectics (depends on your regulator current). Make sure that feedback voltage is tapped from POL but not from magnetics. niks
Optocupler do two main tasks (simultaneously): Insulation: Galvanic Seperation of High-Low voltage parts of a system isolation: Putting noise and external interferences out of system (CMR performance)., which is very important in industrial applications Cheers